1UP gives 6.5/10 to Ace Combat 6

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation certainly looks a hell of a lot better than Combats 1-5, but once you get past the incredibly detailed planes and crisscrossing contrails you'll find the same old Ace Combat, still on autopilot. Some gamers will be quite happy with more arcadey shootin' and missile dodging in licensed aircraft. Others may (continue to) wonder why they should care about some arbitrary conflict between improbably-named countries, and an overwrought series of cut-scenes that might actually be improved by a liberal application of signature John Woo slow-mo doves.

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shmee4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

It may not be a stellar title but it is not that bad

1up and GS ---2 abnormal websites

eurogamer is another horrible website

clearly the game deserves more than a 6.5

wil4hire4040d ago

Yes, but it got a 6.5


Evil0Angel4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

MS paid 1 up blah blah

but when 1 bad reviews comes about xbox game every one conculde it rubbish

IGN:give this game 8.5 while it give LAIR only 4.9
gamespot:also give it 8.5

TheSadTruth4040d ago

Wait... if M$ pays 1up to give all their games good reviews then what happened here? How strange...

masterg4040d ago

I've only tried the Demo. 6.5 is not far off if they didn't do major improvements to the full game.

WilliamRLBaker4040d ago

Another lair? no see ms fanboys didn't hyped ace combat to levels of godhood and the 2nd comming of chris...Sony fanboys did this with lair, and lair flopped.

Ace combat even on the sony platform has all ways been an 6.5-8.0 title.

Foo Skeptic4040d ago

1up sucks, I am not a fanboy, I am a videogamer and they reviews looks like if they have not recieved payment or have any interest on the game (like in this review) they put a bad score.
What were they expecting to see? what things they need to put a good score to this kind of games? all are about the same thing, destroying planes, ships, tanks, buildings,etc., flying an aircraft, we all know that, but this game looks great, has online multiplayer, and the better thing is that it´s fun, if the problem is that we are playing the same thing I can tell 1up a lot of examples were I see the same thing again and again on sequels and those got beter scores even when those games sucks
I´m ot interested on 1up reviews anymore, they only want us to pay attention to their idiot reviews for xbox and PS3 gamers

Jinxstar4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

Meh they probably didn't need to buy this review is all.... Errr not buy I mean send a Care package.... They have already established a strong enough foothold with Halo 3 and now are gonna play a little more fair I think... Maybe... Until PS3 starts selling like mad...

I just say the avg User Rating... 4.7... Is it really that bad. I was thinking of buying it but doubt I will now...

Blitzed4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

I will reply to your comment with your own post about the Ratchet and Clank Gamespot review-

all this girls crying.

On topic: I am a little bummed since I was looking forward to this,
although I tend to make my own opinions. Probably going to be a rental first though.

fredy4040d ago

short this month on REVIEW this is what we get.

Thanks 1Up..

wageslave4040d ago

No. not "another lair". But *NICE TRY*.

The average of Lair reviews is 5.4 / 10

Lair is regarded generally by reviewers as CRAP. 5.4 / 10

But, some Sony Fanboys have managed to find a VERY low score for Ace Combat 6.

What are the *AVERAGE* scores for Ace Combat 6?

8.2 / 10

See that? This "6.5" is *FAR* lower than what most other people think of the game.

The *AVERAGE* is 8.2 / 10

Just for comparison, what does an average of 8.2 / 10 mean?

Well, that is tied with Motorstorm 8.2 / 10 and better than Heavenly Sword 7.9 / 10.

You FAIL. You FAIL badly.

InMyOpinion4040d ago

I thought PS3 fanboys hated 1up and said they can't be trusted?

lawman11084039d ago

Why should the game be good? When it comes to PS3 all the $ony bots will say its AAA game.

Seraphim4039d ago

Actually, if this was still a PS you wouldn't hear PS gamers crying over the score because we all know the series isn't that great unless you're a die hard fan. :P So a score of 6.5 certainly isn't surprising for any Ace Combat because 6.5-8 is right where they rank...

colony4039d ago


no... it was Halo you where thinking of... halo

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dale14040d ago

gamespot gives it a ten whats the betting

MK_Red4040d ago

You were sleeping or something? GameSpot has already reviewed it (They did it day6s ago and gave 8.5)

shmee4040d ago

although i disagree with 1up's ACE COMBAT 6 review ....i feel GS should have atleast given Ratchet a 9/10.

bababrooks4039d ago

hey shmee how's it going buddy?
why do you think that ratchet should get a 9 , have you played through it yet. me..........i don't care about scores, if i like it thats what counts.

cloud360-7th_account4040d ago

We ps3 fans and 360 fans both agree that 1up= garbage fuc*ers

wil4hire4040d ago

If its not as Good as Citizen Kane, then its utter crap...

Sick of the "hard ball" reviewers out there... I wouldn't care, but their stupid grades are averaged with the rest.

LeonSKennedy4Life4040d ago

Why do so many people like Citizen Kane? It wasn't as deep as most people think...

wil4hire4040d ago

Citizen Kane is universally accepted as the standard in which films are Judged. That's all.

Versus grading a film for what it is. Game reviewers do this:

Say an action movie comes out... "Well the action was good, but there was very little drama & comedy in it."

Which is the same thing as saying a single player game has NO multiplayer elements.

power of Green 4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

Ouch lol...

SmokeyMcBear4040d ago

you mean that it doesnt make the windshield shatter when a bullet hits the wing?

InMyOpinion4040d ago

Nope, it just bumps your plane out of the sky with no visible damage whatsoever...

skagrerrrr4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

an arcadey type game, Gamespot gave it a 8.5 hahaha