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We should have seen the warning signs really; when a game from big names such as Bethedsa and inXile isn’t particularly hyped then generally you can smell trouble. While Hunted isn’t a bad game, it’s not the game we hoped it would be. If you are an RPG fan you will still love this adventure, however it’s certainly not up to the standards as games such as Oblivion, which just makes us pine for Skyrim even more.

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wotta2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Does it really matter? Its not out of 6 anyway they use words to rate a game, the number is just added for people who like numbers (i.e those who only care about the score and not the review)

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GusBricker2753d ago

It's just confusing when it doesn't have to be. Just leave off the number and say, "It didn't suck." I'd respect that more that just throwing out a 4.

000000000000000000012753d ago

Another review not worth reading! If you like all kinds of RPGs then you will really enjoy this game! Oblivion was just another good game, nothing else, and surely I hope not a standard.

RobotPineapple2753d ago

Oblivion is far more than 'just another good game'.

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