E3 2011 Predictions - Will This Be The Best Show Ever?

GameJudgment's Christopher Goodchild sifts through all the latest E3 2011 rumours, misconceptions and myths.

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Prcko2726d ago

I hope so!
I just want GTA 5,oh my...

zeeshan8102726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

I doubt GTA will be announced at the E3. Don't get me wrong but Rockstar can announce that iP without E3 or any other major Expo.

meetajhu2725d ago

I just sent a blank piece of paper to Reggie's room. It's in an envelope that has "list of available good 1st party 3DS games" written on it

Greycat_James2725d ago

Is it blank? It's blank isn't it.

pat_11_52726d ago

I want some GTA 5 information as well. LA Noire made me want the game even more.

Kon2726d ago

This ought to be the biggest vapourware in gaming industry. The only thing we know about this game is a logo lmao.


Really? Again? Ok, we can play...

"Tell me everything you know about Project Kingdoms".

Seriously, we have seen much more on many games that never came to see the day of the light... As well as we had seen games put on hold or even canned to come back and still release.

Anyway it goes we'll know tomorrow, so cut the crap for 1 day, will you?

pat_11_52725d ago

I think we'll see something about it soon enough. It hasn't been officially cancelled or anything has it?

MintBerryCrunch2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

every time a new console is announced is usually when people get most excited...thats not to say that those are the best E3's, im just saying that people look forward to the anticipation of a new one and all the features that the consoles will bring forth

pat_11_52725d ago

I think the best E3 was like in 2001, when all the next gen systems were announced at the same time.

I remember reading this epic issue of EGM that profiled everything. It was like 300 pages long.

Those were the days...

VampiricDragon2726d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

probably not. Most of the games are as generic as generic gets. realistic shooters and action games. The 2 most played out genres.

pat_11_52725d ago

I tend to agree with that, I'm pretty tired of FPS games these days.

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