Why is Anya Stroud Being Changed To Fit Gender Stereotypes In Gears of War 3?

Anya, the first playable female in the Gears franchise, is being changed, and she’s being changed to appease people who uphold normative gender stereotypes. This is problematic.

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omi25p2749d ago

They said their reducing the amount of swearing she does. This is because in the first two games she never swore, To suddenly have her swearing every time she does anything wouldnt fit the character.

EYEamNUMBER12749d ago

shes never had to actually fight locust her self either

MitchGE2749d ago

Jack from Mass Effect 2 would kick Marcus Fenix' ass.

MitchGE2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

I take it you've never played Mass Effect 2. Jack doesn't follow the female stereotypes that this article suggested Epic were conforming to.

omi25p2749d ago

actually in the comics it shows you how she reaches the shop you start on in gears 3 and how she gets combat training.

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Patricia2749d ago

Are you implying they didn't take her character into account the first time through? I find that difficult to believe.

GameGambits2749d ago

Hahahahaha. Never change EPIC and Cliffy B! "We didn't want to sexify our female characters in Gears 3, and we want to treat them equally."

"She swears too much, and that's not lady like."

Nice trolling Cliff Meister.

palaeomerus2749d ago

Meanwhile, in Bulletstorm, Trishka Novak threatens to kill people's dicks.

Kurt Russell2749d ago

Man, I would hate to have my dick killed :(

MintBerryCrunch2749d ago

i guess nobody saw GI Jane

at least its not about Tits and Ass like with most female videogame characters

MintBerryCrunch2749d ago

lol...never said anything about just shows that women arent all about feelings and estrogen

the fact that its done to appease males actually takes into question the masculinity of those who have a problem with it

GusBricker2749d ago

I know I cuss more when I have locusts trying to kill me.

Plus, it usually cost you a cover charge and 2 drink minimum to get cussed at properly by a woman.

The nudity is just a bonus.

ATiElite2749d ago

Holy shite now that was funny as hell!

I hate those dam cover charges especially when they know your gonna get totally drunk off your ass.

+Bubbles funny

ScentlessApprentice72749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

So what is this blogger (i.e. amateur article writing/journalist) trying to say? That cursing and getting angry are personality traits that only men have? Are men the only sex that are vulgar and violent? Are these traits exclusive to men and men alone? Hardly. Not every female on the face of this planet is a delicate little flower, and one day when you actually get personal face time with women, you will come to know and believe it.

But then again, you could also look at it this way. Yes Anya was not as vulgar and as obscene as in the previous Gears', but it can be argued that Anya has just reformed according to the fictional world portrayed in Gears of War. After all, hypothetically, is it absolutely impossible for a woman who was once very "feminine" to change and become gruff and tuff according to the conditions and circumstances throughout her life?

ScentlessApprentice72749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Well don't worry kids. One day you will grow to realize yourselves that not every women outside of your mothers' kitchens talk and act like Snow White.

Ducky2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Err... it kind of looks like you're attacking the blogger, yet it seems that your opinions are in-line with her's.

Might be why you're getting disagrees. Seems like you just wrote a comment without spending time to read the article.

HemDroid2749d ago

Who Care's !!
I just wanna see her PUPPIES !!!

And once u complete the game you should get an unlockable outfit for her to wear which would have to be a nice skimpy bikini

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