Sony E3 Press Conference: Exclusives, Biggest Rumours and Expected Announcements previews the Sony E3 Press Conference stating the biggest rumors, expected announcements and exclusives that gamers can expect.

GB: "Sony is in a mess. 2011, so far, has been nothing short of a nightmare for them.Their online service, PlayStation Network recently got hacked, and was down for a MONTH. Nobody could play any games online, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, all PSN users’ credit card information was at risk. When PSN finally did manage to come back up, the PS Store was facing problems, and it’s only now, a week after PSN recovered, that the Store is back up.
So it’s kind of obvious that Sony have to have a stellar E3 conference this year so that they can win back the confidence of their fans and followers. Fortunately, they look all set to deliver one of their best conferences in recent memory- they’re set to shows the lineup of the NGP, the price, release date and final name of their new handheld system, no...

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remanutd552662d ago

im pretty sure inFAMOUS 2 hasnt been released yet , Motorstorm Apocalypse , Little Big Planet 2 and Killzone 3 are really good games , psn has been a fiasco last month , seems to be getting to normal now

Electroshocked2662d ago

Exactly, and as for listing Agent in the ''Other games that may get a mention'' section and labeling in parenthesis that it ''probably won't happen'' F**k you Gamingbolt.

jony_dols2662d ago

Agent getting a mention should be in the Highly Likely Category...

I think GamingBolt have got it wrong about PSN:

'They’ll tell everybody about the free stuff that’s available to all PSN users as an apology gift, and talk about how PSN is the premier online service. Of course, no one will take them seriously.'

After more than a month of plugging holes and spending millions of dollars on tightening up the networks security, I think its safe to say that it is now ranks among the most secure in the world.

smashman982662d ago

dont kid your self

the last time agent was even mentioned was 2 years ago so while it could happen i wouldn't hold my breath

showtimefolks2662d ago

agent is still in development and if rumors are to believed there is a 2 minute gameplay trailer sony will show along with info on the game and release window

this is the same team that works on GTA series so my exceptions are nothing short of a new master piece

2010 games wise has been huge for sony with so many AAA games out and games already confirmed for 2012 are also nothing short of amazing

last guardian
ff13 versus
and i am sure many more will be announced

SephirothX212662d ago

I doubt Agent will be mentioned. It won't release until fall 2013. Rockstar are primarily working on GTA V which should release October 2012.

MariaHelFutura2662d ago

"Sony is in a mess. 2011, so far, has been nothing short of a nightmare for them. Games like Killzone 3, inFamous 2, DC Universe Online, Socom 4 and MLB 2011 have come and gone, and they’ve not been as good as fans expected them to be."

Nice intro.

BrianG2662d ago

Haha, right, assuming we all feel the same way about those games as the author.

I guess I was wrong when I thought Killzone 3 was good, or when I played the Socom 4 Beta and liked it a lot.

Plus Infamous 2 isn't out yet, but the Beta was good IMO.

KRATOS-PS32662d ago

He doesn't know that I'm gonna play Killzone 3 later

MintBerryCrunch2662d ago

5 people had a problem with understanding sarcasm

Baka-akaB2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

oops nvm

ChrisPriestman2662d ago

"2011, so far"

Are you serious? You never start a sentence like that.

*"So far, 2011 has been..."


jack_burt0n2662d ago

thinking you might not need an /s on n4g.....where u been?!

MariaHelFutura2662d ago

I`m gonna lose a bubble do to people being stupid!!!!

elite-shot2662d ago

due* just to make things worse for you ;)

Ju2661d ago

Girl, at least you have to put a wink or /s there. ;)

slaton242662d ago

only listed exclusives must mean if ur hatin on them than u r an xbox fanboy infamous is comin out tuesday not out yet so proof u r xbox boy

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Kon2662d ago

Woops, gamingspam again.

fluffydelusions2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

FFS show Agent already and a release date for the TLG and FFV13

FredEffinChopin2662d ago

Here is my weight, please put it behind all of your punches. Maybe we can knock some results out of these devs.

Prcko2662d ago

just give me new gta and i am happy