vgZero: Nintendo E3 2011 Preview

vgZero: "For Nintendo fans, E3 is either like an early Christmas or a timely apocalypse. This is because the company can either be incredibly on target with their announcements or completely miss the mark. If you were to chart Nintendo’s track record over the past few years, it’d be all over the place. For example, last year was highly hyped because of a new Zelda title and promises of heaps of 3DS info. A lot of fans felt underwhelmed by Zelda: Skyward Sword thanks to a dodgy stage demo which even Miyamoto felt bad about, the weird mash-up visual style that they were being served up didn’t sit right. But then again it is worth remembering this was also the case when they first saw Wind Waker. Despite this, fans rejoiced at all the promises Nintendo made with the 3DS. The launch, the games that were coming and the possibilities. Fast forward nearly a year and we certainly have the 3DS but the games range is near barren and we don’t even have the eShop yet (it is of course due next week). If you go further back into Nintendo’s history, things get even more skewed but let’s stick to looking forward to the future because Nintendo have a huge chance to be run away winners at this year’s E3."

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xtremegamerage2696d ago

It's a me mariZZZzzzzZZzzzz

Rhezin2696d ago

hey! that's not cool! Mario 3DS should be pretty awesome. It brings me back to the days of traveling and bringing the gameboy and playing nintendo games. That's where it's at for me, that's why I bought a 3DS. Need to revisit the classics!