DUST 514 Leak Suggests PS3 Exclusivity

TheSixthAxis: CCP Games is looking to make an impact at this year’s E3 expo with its MMO/FPS hybrid, DUST 514, based within the same universe as the insanely popular EVE Online. CCP has been running a countdown site for the game’s E3 unveiling, one visitor managing to unearth a number of hidden files, or to be more specific, screenshots, which hint at DUST 514 being a PlayStation exclusive (note the “PS3″ logo along the bottom of each image.)

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trounbyfire2630d ago

this was the killzone like game right, suppose to be a graphics power house.

sinncross2630d ago

Well we will see tomorrow (or tuesday morning for me)

BattleAxe2630d ago

I have no idea if this is true or not, but it really does look alot like Killzone 2, could they have used the Killzone 2 engine? and is this why it might be PS3 exclusive?

Godmars2902630d ago

Should be more like Warhawk, if you can call in and drive tanks, APCs, planes and gunships.

Poopee2630d ago

Let's just pretend Killzone 3 didn't happen and this is it. :)

rob60212630d ago

This kind of spoiled Sony's show for me dang it, oh well I'm sure there will be something else new there - as well as more info on their top games.

Focker4202630d ago

Its not confirmed yet...

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Hellsvacancy2630d ago

It does look cool from the look of those screens

Sunhammer2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

This is much different from EVE. I'm not sure how that comment makes any sense to post here.

Edit: Ouch. Some bitter fanbabies up in here. Feels good, man.

Lavalamp2630d ago

When I get Dust, I'ma take yo planets!

NYC_Gamer2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

any gameplay videos?

rob60212630d ago

MMOs are the future - Sony knows it and they're willing the roll the dice. Of course it's a very, very risky roll. These games take on massive budgets, when they flop - they flop big time. I Can see it: it will only take one 'hit' and once that happens it will begin to steam roll it's way over the competition like WoW did. If you think Call of Duty is successful, you can't imagine how many times over successful a well designed MMO could do.

Odion2630d ago

Except SOE seems incapable of making another groundbreaking MMO since EQ1

Ravenor2630d ago

Planetside, yes I am aware that they pulled a Star Wars Galaxies on it too and ruined it.

But it was pretty awesome.

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