Rumor: Kinect Disneyland to be Revealed at E3

Last year at Kinect's E3 reveal, a brief teasing of a Kinect Disney game was mixed in amongst the montage of other Kinect titles. Although very little was revealed about the game, it was allegedly a collaborative project between Disney Interactive and Microsoft Games Studio.

The project was since thought to be dead, but Twitter legend Superannuation has once again prematurely revealed the games existence thanks to, like yesterdays rumoured reveals, domain registrations.

There isn't much to speculate what kind of game it might be, nor what it is even called as Disney and Microsoft seem to be covering all bases but thus far Kinect Disneyland Adventures, Kinect Disneyland, Kinect Disneyworld, Kinect Magic Kingdom, and Disneyland Kinect have been discovered.

Superannuation is also insisting that this game will be an E3 announcement, which seems very likely if it exists.

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iamnsuperman2750d ago

"Kinect Disneyland Adventures, Kinect Disneyland, Kinect Disneyworld, Kinect Magic Kingdom, and Disneyland Kinect" the best is Kinect Magic Kingdom the rest sound like you wonder round Disneyland and try their rides

5119ent2750d ago

hardcore.... just cause they slap disney on it dosent mean it will sell

Godmars2902750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Unless they're trying to sell it to the parent's of five year olds...

Though the funny bit will be having fifteen and up Gears, Halo and COD fans defending it because its selling consoles.

Sheikh Yerbouti2750d ago

why not? worked slapping oprah on it.

Sunhammer2750d ago

It's gonna be all about Kinect as Microsoft quietly makes the transition to full casual.

WombBat2750d ago

No joke, that sounds really innovative. If i was a kid i would love this.

either way, i wanna see how it looks but i have a feeling it will be bad

LOGICWINS2750d ago

WOW, this sounds amazing for kids and casual gamers alike. I have a 5 year old cousin who would go for crazy for something like this =D

FrogLobby2750d ago

Someone disagrees with you. Clearly they know your 5 year old cousin better than you do!

nightmarex1212750d ago

or they disagree on the first part about being fun for casual and kids. And also logicwins is one of the biggest troll on the n4g so people just disagree b/c they don't like him. But thats my guess.

5119ent2750d ago

nightmarex121...see thats how u use ya brain

Biggest2750d ago

For the $50-$60 the "game" will cost, you can buy a ticket to the actual DisneyLand and have WAY more fun.

CynicalVision2750d ago

You have to love the mentality of certain N4G users. xD

NYC_Gamer2750d ago

this could turn out huge for family night

Kon2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

My worst nightmare. I will see my otherwise 'core' Xbox turning into a Wii. Hey MS, don't forget about us!!


Yeah only two exclusives the whole year...MS focus is on kinect now. Excuse me my 'skewed mentality' but i rather get a PS3 than wait the whole year for a single game.

LOGICWINS2750d ago

How exactly does this stop you from playing Gears 3, BF3, MW3, Rage, Forza 4, AC: Revelations, and Saints Row: The Third?

The only thing turning your 360 into a Wii is your own skewed mentality.

5119ent2750d ago

most of those games you can play on another is a big investment with xbox live attached to it....who wouldnt want exclusives....real exclusives

Machioto2750d ago

It doesn't stop him from playing those games but it's disingenuous to market kinect as being the next best thing for gaming and the best use of it is coming from medical and casual stuff.

LOGICWINS2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

@5119- Why does a game have to be exclusive to one console to be worth playing? I bought my PS3 to play games..thats it. I don't give a shit if its exclusive or multiplatform. I buy what I like. Simple.

If a person purposely misses out on multiplatform games simply because they are multiplatform..then thats their loss.

"Excuse me my 'skewed mentality' but i rather get a PS3 than wait the whole year for a single game."

So...whats stopping you?

B1663r2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

I want real exclusives, you know like Halo or Gears or Fable, all games that consistently score above 90% metacritic. That other system, it has lots of exclusives, but they can't seem to make a game with soul, and break the 89% metacritic barrier.

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