When Did A 7.5 Become Bad?

DeShaun Zollicoffer from Geek Revolt writes "Recently Gamespot gave Infamous 2 a 7.5—this caused a slight uproar among PS3 gamers, a game like Infamous 2 deserves at least a 9, right? From what I’ve played so far, I feel that it deserves a higher score, but that’s not today’s topic. Something that needs to be discussed is gamers getting worked up over review scores, especially ones that fall in-between 7-8."

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gravemaker2754d ago

since call of duty gets all 9s

zeeshan8102754d ago

Developers are scared from reviewers. If inFamous got a low score it will impact its sales.

LOGICWINS2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

"If inFamous got a low score it will impact its sales."

Wouldn't you say thats the fault of consumers' "sheepish" mentality rather than the fault of the reviewer?

If a person wants to judge if they will like Infamous 2...they DON'T need reviews or review scores.

Just download Infamous 1 and the Infamous 2 demo on PSN...FREE. If you like this, then buy Infamous 2. Simple.

SilentNegotiator2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

By most reviewers' standards these days, all games are between 6-10.....6 being playable but crap, 10 being great.

Last gen, publishers sometimes even bragged about getting 9s. These days, 10s are handed out like candy.

Thank the internet for becoming mainstream. Now it's all about ad revenue. Give a game a low score, those publishers avoid or even blacklist you. You lose ad revenue, invites to events, content...Reviewers are just plain afraid to give games anything less than an 8. a 7.5 "bad"? Well, by many reviewers, it's getting close to the lowest score that they will ever give. But of course, some reviewers still have sense, and a 7.5 by their standards would at least be somewhat above average.

As for Infamous 2? It's scoring about as well as its predecessor. It got a 7.5 from somebody? Boo-hoo.
(Although I personally disagreed with the "points" that Gamespot made, and I personally don't feel that they justified some of their remarks or their score)

xX TriiCKy Xx2754d ago

Totally agree with that. I'm loving every minute that I've played so far with inFamous 1 so I'm most certainly buying 2 on Tuesday.

Christopher2754d ago

In a logical world, that might workd LOGICWINS. But, in reality, most consumers buy based on the mentallity of what others think of it, especially those who write the reviews.

So, yeah, it's an issue with the consumers, but the developers and publishers can't change the mentality of the consumers and so are at the mercy of the method in which customers use to determine if they will or will not buy a game.

captain-obvious2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

i think it'll do just fine

but to be fair i think all publishers should just do just like blizzard

give NO review copies
if you did
1- make sure its a good unbiased site
2- do it after the game lunch

for MANY MANY various reasons
i mean with that you avoid those pre-lunch spoilers and game leaks and you make damn sure that your game get better sales

AND you save money
if those ass holes want to review my game they should buy it
especially if they are bound to give it bad score

badz1492754d ago

But what other sandbox super powers hero games out there that are better than inFAMOUS? I can't think of any. InFamous2 improved a lot from the 1st, yet getting way lower score from the same site, something is definitely not right here.

JBaby3432754d ago

Since when is 7.5 a good score? I got in huge trouble if I got a 75% grade on a test or any assignment in school and lost privileges for bringing home C's. It seems that in today's times the grading scale for games has become like the grading scale for school and thus is skewed so that average is not 50% but more in the 70's range. So to me to say the game is "average" is a little harsh.

I'll make my own judgement though when I play it on Tuesday to see if it deserves a 7.5 though.

BeOneWithTheGun2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Get rid of numerical and alpha rating systems altogether. A reviewer should just play the game, write an opinion on what he/she saw/felt and close it with a summary about what they feel the game did for them in terms of fun, quality and re-playability.

Thales said that there is no truth. The river might be cold to one person so for them the river being cold is an absolute truth. To another, it might be warm. To them, the truth is that the river is warm. Who is right?

Ju2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Rating systems just need a "code of conduct" and possibly a unified scale (across all publishers). Otherwise it really degrades the whole review system to matter of opinions and who has ties into which magazines (online or offline). Can you imagine any grading system would make up their own rules? Society would not work. What game grades are today is a marketing instrument which the consumer cannot rely on (because they do not follow any open standards which publishers can be held accountable against) nor does it protect the magazine publishers from being "threatened" by developers (like someone said above, developers pull marketing money). It won't change. The gaming industry is one of the worst industry with implementing consumer (and employment) rights. I can't really see this changing any time soon. So, it is what is is. A personal taste or preference of some random writer called journalist. And yes, inFamous @ 7.5 is a joke, seriously.

Commander_TK2754d ago

Well, according to PS3 fanboys, when a PS3 exclusive gets a 7, it's a bad score. Otherwise it's a good score.

Electroshocked2754d ago

I couldn't care less about game scores, I might use them as advice every once in a while, but if I like the look of a game and some guy reviews it and gives it a score of 2.0 that won't stop me from at least trying it, as for Gamespot giving InFamous 2 a score of 7.5 I couldn't care less, it's not going to change the fact that I'm going to play the hell out of it and enjoy it thoroughly.

Anon19742753d ago

I rely on reviewers to assist me with my gaming decisions. I simply don't have time to play every game, and I can't rely on the opinions of friends because all my friends have very different tastes in games from my own. The only thing I can recommend is, over time, find a reviewer you trust. Read their reviews, play that game. If his opinions are consistently in line with your own, stick with em. On top of that, I find metacritic scores useful. You'll always get those goofball sites that lowball game scores just for hits, and you'll always get the sources that love pretty much everything, but metacritic is handy in finding out how the majority of critics are leaning. If 100 reviews say it's shite, their's a good chance it's shite.

HappyGaming2753d ago

7.5 seems horrible when you compare it to games of other games...

ChrisGTR12753d ago

reviewers only use a 9-6 scale. so 6 being horrible 9 being awesome. nobody uses 0-5 for scores

snipes1012753d ago

Along Logic's line of thought: there are also game play video's on youtube and websites you can check out, player reviews and then there's amazon along with numerous other consumer outlets that allow for user reviews that people can check out. People have little to no reason to be uniformed about a product these days, and video games are no different.

Concerning review scores, did anyone consider that maybe the quality of games has just gone up? Perhaps games actually warrant those 9's and 10's because they are incredible. The bar has been set high by ambitious and talented developers and have left other games feeling "mediocre" (usually granted a 5), "ok" (usually given a 6) or just "good" (usually given a 7). They aren't "bad," they just don't always match the quality of other games.

nickjkl2753d ago

10 good game

below 10 horrible peace of crap

is the mentality now a days

i only use reviews to see whats wrong with the game and whats good

scores are opinionated though usually

cemelc2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

The problem with reviews is that they keep defending them as opinions and that shouldnt be.

In a math test you get your answer right you get your point the teacher cant change that. This reviews give a game like call of futy 8.5 or 9, then i played the game and is not even near an 8 cos is rigged with bugs,no plot, 5 hour single player and copy paste job from the last game.

Then we have games like infamous 2 or castlevania: LOS the developers really went all out and a 7.5, after reading the reviews i download the demo expecting a bad game and i see a game wordy of 8.5 at least even without a plot, and if you go to gamespot to complain calling them for what that reviews is (a piece of crap) then you get the idiot saying thats my opinion.

Opinion my a$$ youre getting payed for this you dont have any say in it, just write about gameplay/sound/glitches/graphi cs if all those are well handled then the game deserves a good score.

paintsville2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

7.5 is only bad to ps3fanboys who think that every ps3 exclusive that releases is the bestest, mostest, awesomeest, thing to every to the market LOL. You know the ones that live in fairytale land and actually believe that ps3 is better than xbox.

JBaby3432752d ago

^^ It IS better. Or haven't you been paying attention. LOL at you trying to point the finger at others when your own bias is so obvious.

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AKissFromDaddy2754d ago

Summed up in 7 words. Good work.

Krimmson2754d ago

Coincidentally enough, your comment was also in 7 words.

Max Power2754d ago

Six words and a number, if he wrote out 'seven' then your comment would be correct.

Bereaver2754d ago

Lucky for him, numerical symbols (0 through 9) are also considered "words". Therefor his comment is correct.

BeOneWithTheGun2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

It is incorrect grammar to use a number when indicating a small number (1-10). Therefore, he should have spelled it out making it an actual word.


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pain777pas2754d ago

The game is getting 9s and 9.5s all over the place. Tom McShea is a strange reviewer. GOW3 could not be denied so he had to give it a 9. Then a game like Infamous 2 which I sadly saw some gameplay of looks crazy good and is a blind buy for me next week. Who cares about review scores sometimes? Bet you Arkham gets marked down because Catwoman is a playable character and they will just say more time could have been spent on Batman and expanding his moveset or vehicles or something to complain about. I2 looks like a serious winner to me. From what I've read it is tighter controls (amazing since the first was near perfect) and more expansive moveset. Mission creator aswell.... forget the haters. I am an Infamous fan one of the best open world games this generation and second or first superhero game to boot.

led10902754d ago

9s and 9.5s all over the place? Don't get me wrong am a big fan of infamous and am looking forward to spending quite a lot of time of this game but you need to check this out and come out of your bubble the reviews have been mixed

pain777pas2754d ago

IGN gave the game a 9. IGN... it wasnt even Greg Miller who is a Sony fanboy. The game is probably for fans of the first and I fall in that bracket so the game will be good enough FOR ME. I am only typing for real fans not to get discouraged. But your right reviews have been mixed for whatever reason.

Ju2754d ago

Not 9.5, but 84% average, 12 out of 14 over 80, one 75, one 70. I would say it is quite a high flyer.

humbleopinion2754d ago

Ju, anyone can play with numbers. "12 out of 14 over 80" is just as accurate as writing "13 out of 14 under 90".

This is not about the quality of the actual game - it's just what about pain777pas being plain wrong: The game didn't get a single 9.5 so far.

Saint-Revlot2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

It got 2 9.5s. They just aren't on metacritic for some reason.

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MariaHelFutura2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Imo. Demos should be mandatory and reviews should stop being published. As we progress towards the future this is what will happen.

Focker4202754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Since fanboys...

@SuperLupe below

Every fanboy complains, no matter what console he is defending. Its not exclusive to the PS3, you're diluted if you think thats the case.

SuperLupe2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

This. Sony fanboys are the ones who complain about reviews nobody else.

The thing is the PS3 was supposed to be heads and shoulders above everything this gen. The truth is there are excellent games on the 360 too.

Its the pain and disillusion of seeing multiplats and 360 games score as high and/or higher than PS3 exclusives that has lead to major fits when an exclusive (PS3 100% of the time) scores a good (7.5 for instance) but not excellent score.

When a Wii or 360 exclusive scores lower than expected you dont see anybody crying, calling a conspiracy or demanding the end of reviews. Thats PS3 fanboy exclusive behaviour.

badz1492754d ago

Go to metacritic and see user reviews for all exclusives. You'll see which side of fanboyism is worst. I'll make it easy for you...ALL OF THEM!

news4geeks2754d ago

superlupe is right, ps fanboys have this ridiculous idea that their exclusives are head and shoulders above the rest when in reality there are just as good multiplats and exclusives on the 360.

In slight defence of playstation and its fans, I think the system was judged very harshly earlier this gen. Some justified, some just plain hatred for sony.

ginsunuva2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Uncharted, Warhawk, LBP, and Mgs4 ARE head and shoulders (okay, maybe like just head) above almost anything this gen. Maybe tied with some others. But still definitely better than the two halos and gears of this gen.

Ju2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

From the "other" perspective as a PS3 gamer, you get the feeling only multiplatform games get high marks because they can't lowball the 360 version and cannot find a reason to lower the PS3 score (which happened in the past for nitpicking performance issues - while this was never a reason to lower the 360 score in the opposite case).

Yes, as a PS3 player, I see the exclusives and how much more effort went into those titles (be it to push the technical boundaries, the level of detail compared to MP games). So I am asking the question, how comes, those additional features - which PS3 exclusives carry without a doubt - do never get the recognition in any review, but yet, get lower scores than comparable games which are available on both platforms?

inFamous - as LA Noire - is an open world game with a massive content. Sure, one is a crime story the other is a super hero story. If LA Noire gets a 7.5 I would probably complain, too. Yet, I think inFamous is a show case for an open world game on the PS3 which - from at least a technical standpoint - shows even the best what can be achieved if done right. It runs absolutely fluid, lightning is exceptional, animation, particle effects, scope of the city, level of detail (New Marey at night, incl. the humor of movie titles running, the subtle details in the LED banners, the artistis!! I loled so hard) is unmatched. No one mentiones AA any more. Looks like lately all PS3 games implement a form of MLAA which was a big outcry last year - but now that it works, we simply ignore that.

Story as a taste should not be rated, but rather the implementation of it. A story can be bland or fleshed out, it can be liked or disliked. But what's left is, what a developer makes out of it. Different folks have different tastes. But I'd prefer the customers over the reviewers taste. Because those preferences every gamers brings to his/her table on his/her own.

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Tru_Ray2754d ago

Since the marketplace became over-saturated with games of every genre and gamers, with limited resources, have little incentive to by "mediocre" games when there are better options available.

I already pre-ordered Infamous 2 so the metacritic score is not an issue for me. But if I am on the fence about buying a game, unanimous praise will definitely influence my decision in making a purchase.

If anything, we are lucky that gamers ostensibly have such high standards and developers are under a lot of pressure to produce AAA titles in order to ensure a significant return on the investment.

The downside of the current review system is that these fanboys masquerading as critics have WAAAAAY too much power.

DigitalAnalog2754d ago

Gamespot awarded SOCOM 4 a 7.5. And that game wasn't AS POLISHED as inFamous 2.

-End statement

Ju2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Maybe, but Socom4 is no 7.5 either. And, it got a 67% on to 70% for homefront., really???

Headquarters112754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Ever since Gamespot hired that abomination, transvestite, that THING, to do reviews, their opinion is sh*t to me.

GameSpot = irrelevent

raztad2754d ago

Have to agree. So much mediocrity and borefests have been awarded with resounding 9s and perfect 10s. 8.5 became the new 7.5. Releasing infamous 2 demo was the best decision. Game is nowhere close to that outrageous score.

karl2754d ago

this article isnt bad

and a 7.5 wasnt a bad score years ago.. but by todays standards.. it is

now its almost perfect or not worth buying..

i dont think like that but it know most consumers do...

the scale vale has change over time.. a 7.5 its no longer that good

TBM2754d ago

Love the first already have second paid off and will love that too. The only person I listen about which games I want to play is ME.

I don't care what other people think.

SephirothX212754d ago

The game has an 8.2 average on Gamespot which is taken from 5 different sites and Gamespot themselves so it's likely an 8 and over. Gamespot says the morality system is "laughable" which if true, is disappointing but a minor problem in comparison to the great combat the game offers. People need to stop looking at the score and ask why the score is the way it is. If it was due to technical errors, patches could fix it and therefore the score would increases. That isn't the case here but the game certainly seems to have enough fun packed in to be a must-have, certainly for people who enjoyed the first game.

Bull5hifT2754d ago

Micro$oft Paid Them off

Joni-Ice2754d ago

Dude, Dude, Dude, Your comment is so true. Best answer to that question.

andrewsqual2754d ago

When Crackdown 2 got a 7 from the same assholes, THATS WHEN.

Bull5hifT2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

They Shoulda Got BlackListed from MetaCritic for that bribe they took for Kane & Lynch, these people are pulling down the Average Score ... Have a feeling it was part of the $500 million spent advertising "KINECT".... Cough cough PayOff Cough

Cerberus21252753d ago

A 7.5 becomes a bad score only,and when the game deserves a better score,other than that a 7.5 is a bit above average.

zero_cool2753d ago

The call of duty series is a cash cow with piss poor quality in all aspects that never gets any major improvements on the series it just gets shittier with every installment!

frostypants2753d ago

gravemaker won this thread with the first post.

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jazzking20012754d ago

Thing is
it is IMPOSSIBLE to always make games scored above a 8

some games will be low, others will be high,

Godmars2902754d ago

It becomes suspect when other reviewers hand out 9s for the same game.

coolbeans2754d ago

Does it become un-suspect when another reviewer has given it a 7 as well?

This statement is just stupid. I've heard the likes of gamers say games ranging from some MGS games , Gears games, some LoZ games, etc. deserve 7's in their opinions. Scores are subjective and solely determined by the one who has played the FULL game (quit with that demo BS).

clearelite2754d ago

Wondering why people disagreed with you. It is when good games get mostly 8 and nines, but then a reviewer throws out an anomaly like a 7 that people call bs.

Then they give games like MW2 an average of about 9.4 while actual gamers give it an average of about 5.7.

Godmars2902754d ago

I'm getting disagrees because I'm a PS3-only owner making a general comment which is being understood as being PS3-only by 360-only owners.

You're getting disagrees for agreeing with me even though you're using a multiplatform title as example which supports what I said in the first place.

Go figure...

iamnsuperman2754d ago

Since getting scores below a 9 means a hit on sales.

telekineticmantis2754d ago

to games with better scores, that's when.