Duke Nukem Forever - Demo Turret vs Dropship Gameplay

Take on a dropship with the help of a stationary turret.

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H2OAcidic2749d ago

Seems like you posted every part of the game in sections. Kinda seems spam (ish) to me. I wish GT would've made one long ass video rather then part by part by part.

Agheil2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Before all duke hate comments:
Duke was never mean't to be great in graphics, its the game play, humor and secrets to find that people liked about DUKE 3D. Hopefully this one has all of that.

DarkSpawnClone2749d ago

hmm i can't decide what i want duke nukem for ps3 or the witcher 2 on PC

but i might get duke nukem for pc idk :S or is there a better pc game ugh idk D;