30° - The Witcher 2 Guide: Besting the Kayran

Killing the Kayran is by far the most difficult fight you’ll encounter in the first few quests of the game. Fiendishly powerful and possessed of devastating melee blows which knock Geralt off his feet while dealing massive damage, the Kayran is a multi-phased fight which will keep players on their toes. But for all its power, it is possible to slay the Kayran. On you'll find a special strategy guide and learn how to kill the Kayran.

By Amelia

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DarkSpawnClone2746d ago

so hows the witcher 2 ? worth a buy ? sounds like a good game

mobijoker2746d ago

Man!you're missing on something really big.Good is an insult to the game,its just epic.Great graphics,eye-catching artstyle,engrossing story,true non-linearity(You will completely miss one huge location depending on choice),challenging battle etc.I am almost at the end of my second playthrough and there's still so much quests to discover.

DarkSpawnClone2745d ago

sounds really good then maybe i will have to give it a try,i need a good rpg :P

pesor2746d ago

it's awesome ... give it a try.