Why Xbox Live and Call of Duty: Elite Aren't Worth More Cash

JI writes: "What Microsoft and Activision do effects the entire industry, that's the worst part of this all. Because after seeing the success of the massively over-marketed Microsoft and Activision products and DLC, publishers follow suite and set trends to screw the gamer."

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Hitman07692721d ago

Wow, I remember how many times we heard the rumor that PlayStation Network would start charging or that Xbox Live would stop, now Activision is charging. Now what's next, EA?

LOGICWINS2721d ago

If Activision and EA want to start charging. Fine, let them. I just won't buy. There are TONS of other options out there for me :)

FredEffinChopin2721d ago

Normally I take that attitude, but unfortunately I don't see this as a case of "doesn't effect me". Right now it's just a few games doing things like this, but anyone who thinks that the market isn't being tested for this type of business model right now isn't really thinking very far ahead. It's important that this flop, or I guarantee, the nickel & dime-ing in the video game world will get worse extremely fast. It's not just extra shit and DLC either, did anyone notice that move Capcom tried to pull with SSFIV Arcade on PC?

I don't really expect this to flop, or even have much hope. I wish it would though. As it is EA is limiting the online player pool with their online pass nonsense and showing you DLC you can't touch on the disc until you pony up some cash, while Ubi and Capcom try to see how much they can get away with in terms of limiting freedom under the hair-brained pretense that it's going to make them more money since people can't pirate games. This is just one more step in the wrong direction.

shadowknight2032721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

@ Logic: exactly! there are SO MANY offline single player gmees out there that offer 60+ hours of gameplay.
@Fred: I know what u mean bro. I know people aren't to worried as its only a few games, but this will soon be almost every mainstream game.

Statix2721d ago

MW3 won't have dedicated servers, while Battlefield 3 will.

Guess which one I will be buying this November?

BlmThug2721d ago

@Statix MW3? Nah Im Joking

graemed-ps32721d ago

Im pretty sure i read that mw3 will have dedicated servers?

shadowknight2032721d ago

Yeah I was under the impression MW3 will have dedicated servers too

SilentNegotiator2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Xbox LIVE, Elite, before you know it you'll be paying real money to unlock weapons.....

Pay to play online in P2P servers! Pay for stats! Pay for social features! Pay for these sightly modified SP maps marketed as MP maps! Pay to unlock content that's already on the disc! Pay for weapon advantages! Pay for this and that and those!

I'm not going to stand for it getting any worse. If we lose PSN to fees and Nintendo never stands up (And a fourth party doesn't get into console manufacturing), I'm going to get involved in PC indie development. We'll probably eventually have to organize to create alternatives, once this crap becomes more standard.

NYC_Gamer2721d ago

xbl really does not offer me anything that makes me wanna pay 50-60 bucks every year

Redgehammer2721d ago

I disagree, but I got 4 Gold memberships for 90 bucks. I love XBL, everything I like about PC, gaming without all the hassles, in one place.

egidem2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

I disagree with you on that one. You might love Xbox Live, but there is nothing that Xbox Live offers to people worth $60.

There is ONLY ONE REASON MOST PEOPLE pay Xbox Live for: to play online.
That's the biggest reason. If Microsoft suddenly makes this one single element of their Gold membership available for free, I'm telling you you'd see people cancel their Xbox Live Gold accounts really fast.

It's one deal. You want to play online? Then you have to pay, and along this package you pay for are a myriad of services and features you didn't ask for, but have no choice but to accept.


I agree with what you say. For example, take a look at Valve's Steam network. They don't force you to pay for online play, they support their community greatly with tons of mods, and they do so much more than Xbox Live for free (like Steam clouds), while Xbox Live does less for an annual fee. They don't really offer anything that warrants or compels me to fork out $60 a year.

Statix2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

To me, it's not that $60 a year is an altogether unreasonable price for Xbox Live. It's that free PSN is such a damn good deal and value in comparison. It makes me wonder how long Sony will (or can) continue to keep PSN free.

The same argument goes for PC's free online gaming.

Mustang300C20122721d ago

I have a better experience on Live and have had that for 10 years along with the friends and family that play on Live. Being free doesn't make it better. Being down for over a month doesn't help it either.

Statix2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )


I never said PSN was better. I said it was a great value, and arguably a better deal, because it comes at no extra cost. I've played on PSN for the past 4 or so years, and it's by-and-large been a reliable and great service. I've had absolutely no complaints at all up until it got hacked recently.

Are you really trying to make a mountain out of a molehill by pointing out 3 weeks of PSN being down? 3 weeks of total, significant downtime, after almost 5 years of total uptime and reliable service? You sound like you're just trying really hard to grasp at straws to discredit PSN.

Besides, hasn't Xbox Live also gone down for extended periods of time in the past? Maybe not to the extent or severity of the PSN outage, but like I said, PSN's overall track record is still pretty freaking good... especially considering I don't have to pay a dime for it.

Machioto2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

That could be a possibility for Sony,I think their best bet is to market ps+ more and continually add features that gives xblive a run for its money,because there is a variable tax on some of the conten,that couple with ps+ should bring in xblive type money.

shadowknight2032721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

nope and WHY DO I HAVE TO BE ONLINE TO PLAY MY GAMES ON DEMAND AND XBL GAMES!!!! Its Bull****, and that's why I decided Ill stick with the free version PSN (the one that allows me to play offline and have 5 ps3's on my content..anyone who says Sony is bloodsuckers can truly suck it imo, MS are the money vamps)...

Redgehammer2721d ago

You do not have to be online to play your games unless you bought them on a different console. The games are tied to the original console they were purchased on. If you changed consoles, you need to do a license transfer, and all of your games will go back to working offline. You can transfer your licenses 1 per year.

Mustang300C20122721d ago

Get your facts straight. Your games are tied to your gamertag. If you have your gamertag you have access not only on the 360 dashboard itself to retrieve and download, but also at the website as Redgehammer mentioned you can do a license change. But with the fanboy on your knees response about Sony it probably doesn't matter that now you know the facts.

Redgehammer2721d ago

Yea, they are tied to your gamertag as well, thx for picking that part up for me RedHemi.

shadowknight2032721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Oh well I honestly didn't know that even when I've asked my friends about that topic whom are 360 fanboys. Well I;ll admit my disputation towards XBL got a little better but I still don't like having to pay for Gold..I don't care the reason or excuse, we shouldn't have to pay to game online period.

Oldman1002721d ago

In warhawk you could host your own dedicated server using your ps3 and there was a trophy for doing it. Why don't more games have this feature?

Statix2721d ago

I believe there was a similar feature in Rainbow Six Vegas 2, where you could make your PS3 or 360 act as a dedicated server or dedicated host. You can't play on the system while hosting at the same time, of course.

It seems like a pretty damn good idea to me; I have absolutely no clue why more games don't do this.

whydoyouask2721d ago

it's probably a bandwidth thing...maybe.

Dart892721d ago

He can answer for us.

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