Gaming Ring Pre E3: WWE '12 Hands on Preview

"While the game has had constant improvements and new gameplay editions, this is in my opinion the biggest step since SD SYM to HCTP."

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girlwithturn2725d ago

Another year, same shit again. So, I'm going to play SvsR2006, because this one is best, have best graphic and a lot of game modes.

King_many_layers2725d ago

I bet you've yet to properly read any of these articles, if you have then please prove me wrong.

People like you make the internet one very frustrating place. It seems as though you're just trying to put this down because wrestlings now too PG, for you to feel like you can like it without feeling guilty around others.

I'm quite excited (cautiously though) about this iteration of the series, it sounds as though they've been seriously tweaking this to recreate the drama that is performed in the show.

girlwithturn2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

I think you're just not playing at all previous games of wrestling, once life reproach me for something. A bunch of game modes cut, terrible graphics engine, lots of bugs and the sound problems in modern WWE games. And every year the same thing. I do not care about low age rating (you know, that wwe today is horrible and ridiculous), I buy the game instead of a set of pieces cut from the previous installments of the series.