Nintendo's Wii Successor to Dominate E3 Expo

Almost six years ago at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, Nintendo unveiled what would eventually become known as the Wii. But the Japanese gaming giant didn't show off the new console's distinctive motion-sensing capabilities until later that year at the Tokyo Game Show. Nintendo won't be such a tease at this year's E3.

After two years of shrinking Wii sales, the gamemaker will fully raise the curtain on the Wii's successor at the gaming industry's annual convention in downtown Los Angeles this week. Nintendo Co. has remained silent about just what the doodad will do, but gamers are anticipating features like high-definition graphics and touchscreen controllers.

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Peaceful_Jelly2689d ago

The NPC has BC with Wii games, does this mean that the NPC will come with sensor bar and stuff? You know, to play the Wii games on NPC with the Wii-mote.

VampiricDragon2689d ago

keep what you have or buy the accessories

slutface2689d ago

lol sorry nintendo but im a serious gamer not some casualite u can dazzle with ur latest gimmick bwahahaha

user8586212689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

serious gamer yet you dont want to play the latest mario or zelda? yh ok... lol

Theyellowflash302689d ago

A serious gamer with a LBP avatar picture....... isn't that like a oxymoron or something. Anyway douchbag comments aside I'm jacked for E3. New Nintendo Console, Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, Shinobi 3DS, Ninja Gaiden 3, ect many cool things are going to be at E3. I can't wait. 1 more day.

slutface2689d ago

no i was playing those when i was 10....i grew out of it yet they still crank out shit im not interested in...until they bring ORIGINAL and new ip's im not interested....Sony takes chances....Nintendo is stuck in their comfort zone

blumatt2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Nintendo DOES need to come out with some new IPs instead of the same rehashed Mario and Zelda games over and over again. Sure MS and Sony do it too, but they ALSO give us NEW IPs too. Nintendo is by FAR the worst at re-selling us essentially the same game year after year on different consoles/handhelds.

I'm very excited for this new Nintendo console, but I just want to see them give us some new IPs as well as a new console.

I want to see Nintendo pull a Sony and take some chances with some games like Heavy Rain or The Last Guardian. Taking chances is what allows the industry to grow and mature and allows these consoles to be more unique and not just different boxes with the SAME games as the other ones.

christoph2032689d ago

Slutface couldnt have been more right there, zelda and mario are stale franchises in some rescpect, sonys games are 10x more ballsy and ambitous

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death2smoochie2689d ago

"lol sorry nintendo but im a serious gamer not some casualite u can dazzle with ur latest gimmick bwahahaha"

And yet if the rumor is correct about this new Wii system, it will be far superior and "hardcore" then the PS3 and the Xbox360. It will actually be able to play games in 1080p using real Anti-Aliasing...Something the other consoles will never do :P

ChickeyCantor2689d ago

" but im a serious gamer not some casualite"

Yes cause gaming is all about being serious.
I'm trying to laugh, but comments like yours are getting sad.

D2K2689d ago

Honestly, Nintendo should name this system the 'STFU'. It seems like Nintendo is going out of their way to eliminate all the excuses people have whined and complained about for the past 15 years.

Even if this system only does half the stuff it is rumored to it is still a huge leap for Nintendo. If that still isn't enough for some people, well they basically have a bias towards Nintendo and the company should really care less about them. Those people are cheating themselves.

cheetorb2689d ago

Specs don't make good games. How stoked are you for a bunch of nice looking shovelware crap? Sorry Nintendo but your performance with the Wii has left a bitter taste in many peoples mouth. You have alot of catching up to do.

And can we maybe get some new IPs or good third party games and not rehashes of tired old same old, same old?

ChickeyCantor2689d ago

"Specs don't make good games. "

But they sure set the constraints for developers.

jacksonmichael2689d ago

"Specs don't make good games."

Um. Witcher 2.

diehardgamer10002689d ago

nintendo is weak...don see how this will dominate in anyway...gonna be juss like the 3DS reveal,nw look at where 3DS is.

DNAbro2689d ago

yeah, with over 4 million sales and killer line up coming.