Top 10 PS3 Games We Want Ported to the NGP

Gamezone: The PSP’s lifetime is nearing a slow, painful end, and the NGP will soon take over as Sony’s main portable gaming device. The company has already showcased the system, which sports HD visuals, nifty dual analog sticks, and potential PlayStation 3 ports in the future. Though we definitely want to see some original titles on the handheld, we can’t help but be excited when we think about some of our favorite PlayStation 3 titles going portable. After all, when you’re on the go for long stretches of time, you need something to hold your attention. Here are the top 10 PlayStation 3 exclusives that we’re dying to see ported on the NGP.

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Brian52472753d ago (Edited 2753d ago ) that haven't even been released on PS3 yet are on this list? And why Uncharted 2 if you're already getting a brand new Uncharted game on NGP? Sure it'd be nice to play a port, but I'd rather a new storyline in Golden Abyss and keep Uncharted 2 on my big screen.

lil Titan2753d ago

out of all those games i only see 3D Dot Game Heroes worthy of being ported, not to say the other games wouldnt be its just that they should be a new game entirely just the Uncharted for the NGP there should be an Infamous for the NGP

EeJLP-2753d ago

3D Dot Game Heroes I think would be a great game for a handheld. With the NGP, basically any game would work if it has two analog sticks and all the other buttons the same.

I'd rather the PSP/NGP not exist though, so we could have better quality versions of the games on home consoles. For example, Chains of Olypmus, Ghost of Sparta, Peace Walker, etc. All made for the home console, not just HD upgrades.

I'm still very interested in a God of War PSP Collection for PS3 though with Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta in HD.

pain777pas2753d ago

3 dot heroes makes sense as does LBP2 and Modnation. The others in all seriousness don't need to be ported since they will get proper stand alone games built for the NGP. LG looks to be a cell pusher. I am not sure that NGP could run the game properly in all honesty. The game would have to sacrifice something.

EeJLP-2753d ago

Yep. It's basically just a list of their favorite PS3 games, really has nothing to do with the NGP.

VampiricDragon2753d ago

if they want there ps3 portable so much get a portable screen and power supply or something.

Sony keeps saying its not a portable ps3 in power or anything else, and they dont want ports. But fanboys wont listen.

imoutofthecontest2753d ago

Plus half of those won't even be possible on NGP. It'll be powerful, but dude, powerful enough to handle the PS3's top-tier games?

digimau2753d ago

Remote Play is the solution...

Theyellowflash302753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Yeah I don't understand why the NGP should get PS3 ports. I think it should get games that are designed for the system, games that are made for a portable.

liveActionLeveler2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

or both to cater to all audiences, i mean why not? The Vita can do it.

*edit* What I really want is some minecraft and twisted metal, both perfect for portable play and awesome!

Theyellowflash302753d ago

Then it should get a new twisted metal game that uses the features the Vita only has. Same goes for Minecraft.

liveActionLeveler2753d ago

I'm sure it would get some Vita specific controls, but are you wanting a whole new story, one that isn't found on PS3?

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