The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim details

Another round of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim details, including the amount of time it takes to complete the game.

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TrevorPhillips2753d ago

I freaking want this game so bad!

theonlylolking2753d ago

I hope it is not as bad as Oblivion. As of right now this game looks way better but I am still not sure if I should get this or be excited.

WhiteLightning2753d ago

Why is it this website never loads for me...all I get is the heading :|

Breadisgood2753d ago

Are you pressing "skip ad" on the first page?

padz12753d ago

300 hours of pure bliss!

Dan502753d ago

Site won't load for me also. What does it say in the article?

Breadisgood2753d ago

- Doomstones, like in Oblivion, can give you birthsign-like buffs and talents. If you decide you want a different constellation to “guide you”, you can activate a different doomstone. They’re scattered across Skyrim.
- The speechcraft wheel from Oblivion is out. Instead, the game offers speech checks like in the Fallout games.
- You can bash and block with bows, staffs and two-handed swords.
- The ecology interacts with each other. Foxes will, for instance, hunt rabbits.
- Storm Call is a high level shout, and calls down a lightning strike from the heavens.
- Giants are mentioned to be 12ft tall.
- “It will take 300 hours to see everything this game has to offer

Breadisgood2753d ago

Is it November yet?

How about now?

BeOneWithTheGun2753d ago



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The story is too old to be commented.