Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3 - Video Summary From Multiple Sources

E3 2011 is about to kick off and two biggest rivals are going to enter the fight that will bring us a new king of the FPS games

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BeastlyRig2748d ago

Pc vs console? basically.

MariaHelFutura2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I don`t think multiple sources are/is required.

jdktech20102748d ago

I can do this easily.....

BF3 has better graphics than MW3 and deeper/more tactical gameplay while MW3 has fast paced, twitch based gameplay that is just plain fun.

BF3 will probably sell less while being a better quality game (imo and also because it's a 3-5 year dev cycle as opposed to two...increased quality stands to reason) than MW3. However, MW3 will still be a fun game and will do very well.

Great, can we stop with these comparisons now

yogaflame2748d ago

BF3 is more next gen than MW3 which is just the same and just want to cash in from there legions of fans

gcolley2748d ago

someone has too much time on their hands. what a pointless comparison

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