Invading THQ: Hands-On WWE'12 E3 Demo

Bigger, Badder, Better…

That is the marketing saying THQ put on the newly announced WWE’12. While the Smackdown vs. Raw franchise is officially dead; a new era is taking shape. One that looks to provide the most fun and authentic virtual WWE experience ever created and one that stands out from every ones favorite WWE No Mercy game. One of the things I noticed since the announcement of WWE’12 was the reaction fans had as they looked at some of the screenshots. I read how some automatically assumed that this game looks the same as SvR’11 but just more polished. Well I am here to tell you there is more to WWE’12 then meets the eye (no transformer reference here). So before judging the game and having low hopes for this newly named WWE franchise, I met up with THQ here in Agoura Hills, California to check out the WWE’12 E3 demo. Here is our preview…sucka.

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Foxgod2746d ago

Heres hoping that the universe mode 2.0 will work a lot like last years, and will feature full unlimited stat tracking.

Not just the top 10 wrestlers, and the last 5 champions.....

NYC_Gamer2746d ago

these wwe games get good preview write ups every year and still out to be garbage

slavish32746d ago

god i wish wwe license wasn't owned by thq.

pain777pas2746d ago

The UFC guys should make this game... seriously.

H2OAcidic2746d ago

What does that have to do with THQ? THQ is the one to publish the game.

pain777pas2746d ago

Honestly I am a huge Rock and Austin fan from attitude era and Golden Age with Hulk, Flair, Bret, UW, Mancho Man and Shawn Micheals. Truth be told I am a closet WWE game fanatic and I want this to be a good game because of the create a character, entrance etc... I like the games for some reason I find the creation tools to be pretty cool but year after year the games just look like 2008 to the present are the same with take aways and minor additions. I really want a good game that is worth 60 bucks. That is all. If they make a great game where I can readily see the improvements then Im all in.