GameSpot putting up Resistance tournament

It may be in an alternate dimension, but humanity is going to need all the help it can get if it hopes to survive the Chimera scourge. To that end, GameSpot has opened up registration to all registered users for the Humanity's Last Stand tournament for Resistance: Fall of Man. Until 11 a.m. Pacific, gamers who sign up for a free account can file rank into the 128-team tournament for Insomniac's shooter. With 10 gunners to a side, the Resistance tourney will be played out in assault mode.

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PimpHandHappy3677d ago

its been a few months since i got online with this game. Im not that good anyway but i like a good fight

marinelife93677d ago

It's put on by Gamespot? No thank you.

gamesR4fun3677d ago

Wont work you still suck

Hatchetforce3677d ago

Exactly. Tell me this isn't a public affairs attempt to soothe things over.

IdontTakeSides3677d ago

What trying to make peace with the PS3 community...

shmee3677d ago

BUT what is lost is already lost.

GS is now a forgotten territory for PLAYSTATION fans.

GS is finished

scrillakiller3677d ago

bout time they realise who we are.this is playstation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the num 1 brand name in gaming

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The story is too old to be commented.