What If Uncharted 3 Sucks

Games on Smash ask the question "What If Uncharted 3 Sucks?"

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theonlylolking2697d ago

The chance of uncharted 3 sucking is about 0%

movements2697d ago

What if these "journos" had something to say? My Lord the world would be doomed.

Headquarters112697d ago

Watch the vid first before commenting!

Ducky2697d ago

^ "What if someone actually watches the video?"


Iroquois_Pliskin2697d ago

you know why it wont suck? 2 words: Naughty Gods

young juice2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

"what if someone actually assigns an appropriate title?"


morganfell2697d ago

What if someone stops using sensationalist titles to engender hits and then when they are called on the carpet they stop falling back on "Watch the vid!" or "Read the article!"?

Here is a hint pal. The title IS part of the article. Idiotic questions asked in said title with the design induce hits is a crap, TMZ paparazzi quality attempt at journalism and has no use for persons seeking intelligent and insightful commentary.

LOGICWINS2697d ago

^^What if people on N4G grew up? That way journos wouldn't have to rely on flaimbait titles to get people on this site to listen to them.

I_find_it_funny2697d ago




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Keith Olbermann2697d ago

What if pizza sucked?? What if big breasted women didnt turn you on anymore?? uuugh..

BeOneWithTheGun2697d ago

More than a handful is a waste.

Inzo2697d ago

@BeOneWithTheGun......Thats just sad!

Lykon2697d ago

i am a gay and even i like big breasts but pizza does suck sometimes

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LOGICWINS2697d ago

I'm assuming none of you actually watched the video. The title is VERY misleading. He basically questions if UC3 will get the critical acclaim that UC2 got and he says that it probably won't.

And hes right. God of War 2, Killzone 3, and LBP 2 were all arguably better than their predecessors..yet they all sold less and got less critical acclaim that their first iterations.

SuperLupe2697d ago

I think you mean GOW 3.

Anyways the fact that some sequels improve on their predecessor but still get lower scores is due to the fact that standards and expectation have changed. Reviews arent a science or something where a better looking sequel or better playing for instance automatically scores higher.

Even gamers themselves dont sometimes seem as hyped for some sequels. Sales prove it for KZ3 or LBP2 for instance like Logic already said above.

UC3 probably isnt going to score as high as UC2 and I bet the same for Mass Effect 3.

-Alpha2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Uncharted 2 took a giant leap from Uncharted 1, and it's going to be tough for ND to top that. The game isnt going to suck, but fans are setting themselves up for disappointment if they are going to hype that the media will give it more than they gave UC2. Like many games, it will score the same or slightly lower IMO (especially with websites like IGN and Gamespot now operating on a 0.5 meter)

The logic that a sequel deserves more because it adds more isn't so obvious as people think-- you can't, for example, give a game a perfect 10 just because the previous title got a 9.9 because likely there may be a new flaw or two.

Just look at Jak 1 and Jak 2. The maturation of that game was excellent. Jak 3 was great, but Jak 2 was still the more impressive, more improved title.

UC3 will be great, but if the game "sucks" it will be because fans are trying to hype it as perfection

LOGICWINS2697d ago

"UC3 will be great, but if the game "sucks" it will be because fans are trying to hype it as perfection"

YUP, pretty much. The people with the lowest expectations from a game are ALWAYS the ones who will have the most fun with it.

elite-shot2697d ago

What if cows start flying and i turn into a women?

BushLitter2697d ago


And you would have proved that Multiplicity is in fact possible

elite-shot2697d ago

grammar nazi @bushlitter ;)

PRHB HYBRiiD2697d ago

"What If Uncharted 3 Sucks" : I don't think that's even possible

beavis4play2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

i don't think it's possible, either. UC1/UC2 were GREAT fun - i find it impossible to believe that a talented dev like ND would all of a sudden mess up a franchise that has been so good for 2 previous games.

SilentNegotiator2697d ago

"Or maybe scallops will fly out of my pants!"

pain777pas2697d ago

Honestly this is one of the only titles with Skyrim, Infinite, Rage and Arkham that I am almost certain will be blind buys. You know what I mean? Rage is looking to be my dark horse this E3 and my show surprise probably will be Bioshock Infinite.

beavis4play2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

i think the car combat in rage looks like kick-ass fun.....but the rest of the game has that "been there - dont that" feel to me.

skyrim, batman, resistance3 are the games (besides UC3) coming out this year that are preorder "day 1" for me.

pain777pas2697d ago

Did you watch the whole Wells trailer for Rage? I was getting that Bioshock vibe from the atmosphere and the graphics look phenomenal. There seems to be something special with ammo affecting the gameplay in cool ways. I have all the PS3 resistance games and will get R3. Actually I forgot that the game is coming out this year aswell. LOL!

Pl4sm42697d ago

if UC3 sucked .. the world would implode .. creating a black hole sucking the universe back into a single particle ..... yes its that serious

rob60212697d ago

I do get the impression critics will not score U3 like U2, or at least hold it to unrealistic/unfair expectations because U2 was so successful. There's a sense that because the last game got it's fame - they won't give the new one the same recognition just to try to share the spotlight. No U2 isn't perfect, it can be boring, but so can ANY game.

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iamnsuperman2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

It will hurt an up and coming franchise which would be disappointing. Lets hope it doesn't I have every faith in Naughty Dog's ability

beavis4play2697d ago

it's already had 2 iterations and both have been spectacular - this series has passed the "up and coming" tag.

LarVanian2697d ago

Possibly the leading female video-game designer.

ZombieAssassin2697d ago

possibly the lead video-game designer in the business, great writer too...I'm a bit biased though as I loved the LoK games more than any other and the SP in Uncharted has been my favorite this gen.

socomnick2697d ago

Yea because uncharteds success was all due to her fruits of labor ?

Not the dozens of Talented Engineers, and artists that worked for her but left the studio after Uncharted 2 for other studios.

Uncharted 3 will be like Mw3 a game hurt by a less talented studio, Infinity Ward and Naughty Dog are no longer the same studios they were 2 years ago.

Both had all of their talent stripped.

LarVanian2697d ago

@ soccomnick

Your opinion means nothing on this site. You do nothing but trash PS3 exclusives and everything that has something to do with them. Please, just do everyone a favour and stop posting because you have absolutely nothing beneficial to contribute to conversion, and besides you only have one bubble so there is nothing much that you really can say.

Joni-Ice2697d ago

Amy is someone I would love to hangout with.

Inside_out2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

...releasing the game at the same time as MW3 and Battlefield 3 is near suicide for Uncharted. I suspect they will do what they did with GT and move the release from November to the end of December.

Uncharted, the franchise, has a slightly different demographic than FPS COD or Battlefield but ND is trying to bring a little of COD to the franchise to try to tap into the massive market that COD has created. CoD Elite will be tough to beat this year for anybody.

guigsy2697d ago

I agree that the fall lineup is very congested, but Uncharted is a AAA franchise so I doubt it will be hugely affected.

I would not release any new IPs in November though, that's for sure.

nightmarex1212697d ago

You also fighting against the biggest new ip assassin creed, and you fighting against the most anticipated rpg skyrim. Big big novemeber.

SuperLupe2697d ago

November is more than overpacked: AC, Skyrim, UC3, MW3, BF3, Witcher 2, Forza 4, MGS HD Collection.

Some of the games above are going under for sure unfortunatly.

PRHB HYBRiiD2697d ago

gamestop is going to be full this december....full of moms buying mw3 for their kids

beavis4play2697d ago

i wouldn't take MW3 if you gave it to me for free. unless treyarch makes it AND it has zombies - i don't buy - and i only buy those when the used price drops to 25 or less on amazon.

i've already preordered and think UC3 will be just fine.

CaptainSheep2697d ago

There is no way Uncharted 3 can suck. If any game developing companies know the PS3's powers, it's Naughty Dog.
Who even got the thought of Uncharted 3 being suck-ish? O___o