All Major E3 Conference International Times

PS3Center has put together a list of the major E3 conferences this year and when they'll be taking place in several territories.

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Lelouch2747d ago

I thought Konami would still do a proper conference after the pre-E3 one?

lalalala2747d ago

It doesn't look like activision are doing one either :(.

Commander_TK2747d ago

Wtf? Sony Conference the night b4 my exam and it's five hours! Fuck, I'll get no sleep if I watch that.

HappyGaming2747d ago

because activision will need to feel up MS time with multiplats...

Every year if you watch Activisions and EA Games conferences you do not need to watch Microsofts.. :-/

-Superman-2747d ago

Sony 1AM jesus... CANT SEE :(

Istanbull2747d ago

So what? I have the exams the next day and I still plan on watching the Sony conference. Oh, in our time Sony's conference begins even on 2AM so stop crying.

DufferO82747d ago

watch a repeat the next day

militant072747d ago

I got engineering math class the following day and I still gona watch it, its @3am here

militant072747d ago

Watching repeat is now fun.

the funn about watching e3 conference is that you dont know what gona be announced

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cemelc2747d ago

your crying over an activision conference? what are they going to do? announce call of duty 1000000, another crappy spiderman game, a transformer game and probably shovelware.

Its so sad that they dont even bother doing one.

kingdavid2747d ago

My thoughts exactly lol.

SilentNegotiator2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Of COURSE it's going to be on during my first day of college (Sony's Conference).
Of freaking course.

EVERY year something happens when I try to watch their conference. Laptop dies, internet issues, college. When I said "of course", I meant it in its literal meaning.

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shikamaroooo2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Sony's seems at a later time then last year

EDIT: WOW I didn't realize E3 conference are in a few days

WhittO2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Ye it's a bit annoying that Sonys is like 1am for UK!

I always like to watch the conference (which is usually like 5pm) then go on all the sites for the fallout haha.
I'll have to play catch-up of the N4G spam that Mon/Tue is going to bring lol.

THEN you have the big Apple Conference (WWDC) the same day! Which will (hopefully) bring big iOS improvements..

Can't wait :D

Craptain_Steel2747d ago

How long is Sony's conference?

I have college the next day but I'm still watching it.

shikamaroooo2747d ago

their holding an event for 5 hours so the conference might go for 2 hours?

gaffyh2747d ago

conference is 2 hours (ends at 7pm apparently), the rest of it is just hands on time from what we know.

Craptain_Steel2747d ago

Bed at 3

Nothing wrong here

DarkSpawnClone2747d ago

I will be at work when it starts :(

Lucreto2747d ago

It is listed as an hour and a half. It is half an hour shorter this year.

gaffyh2747d ago

They always start late though, it probably will end up being 2 hours by the end of it.

guigsy2747d ago

Sick of Sony's press conference being at 1AM in the UK. They've always had theirs after Nintendo's press conference in the early evening. I suppose they've moved it so that Nintendo's console announcement won't steal their thunder.

xtremexx2747d ago

last year it was 5 or 6 in the uk i cant remember, Why would they change it?

Kakihara2747d ago

So the Sony one is at 1.00am on Wednesday morning?? I'm getting a bit confused by it being listed under the 6th of June with (Next day) next to it when the listing for the 7th of June are right below it.

Breadisgood2747d ago

It's 1am Tuesday morning pretty sure.

Kakihara2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Okay, thanks. Turns out my only problem was being dumb enough to think it was the 4th today.

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