Nintendo Has Just Been Hacked, Hackers' War On Gamers Continues

JI writes: "During times like this when all members of the big 3 face security breaches left and right I firmly believe, as I said before this, that Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony need to work together to find a solution to this whether it involves a deal with high-level security firms or the governments of nations where they face attacks most. Something must be done, these hacks are not going away any time soon."

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Hitman07692748d ago

It's a shame this keeps happening over and over again. In the past 2 months it has really become ridiculous.

solideagle12748d ago

next is Microsoft :(
i wish police caught them and teach them a lesson.


St02748d ago

Who knows, maybe these hackers are Xbox fans that want Nintendo & Sony to fail

fluffydelusions2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Hackers fans of MS? Not likely. 99% use oss eg Linux, bsd etc.

WhittO2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I wonder if the media will pick up on it if Nintendo/MS were hacked too...
Guess we'll see haha.

MAJ0R2748d ago

well they said that nothing was compromised but based on how horribly the Sony hacking was taken by the media there is no way in hell that Nintendo would say anything was compromised even if it was

AAACE52748d ago

@Major... That's protocol!

Sony said nothing was compromised when it first happened as well. And MS would say the same thing if it happened!

The goal is to not create a panic until you figure out exactly what has been done, because the media picks it up and gets everyone crazy!

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MastaMold2748d ago

Damn wassup with these fo's, get a life a-holes

gamingdroid2748d ago

Way to overblow things, when your source didn't state Nintendo was hacked! It stated attempted "that attackers had tried to get into a server at a U.S. subsidiary".

That isn't the same as being hacked. To suggest something was hacked suggest it was breached. That is irresponsible reporting.


FNAG2748d ago

Borderline sensationalist.

Annoying as it is when you purchase something, Nintendo doesn't store your payment information on their end, so if "hackers" wanna break in and see how many coins I've earned in the Club Nintendo program then they can go right ahead. That's about all they'll get of anything that pertains to me.

Bad Editing: "Hacked" in the title should have said "attempted to hack". No breach actually took place. (See source article @ Marketwatch)

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SpaceSquirrel2748d ago

I have no idea what the hackers are trying to prove.

Information Minister2748d ago

There is no point, nothing to prove. They just love the spotlight. Gives them the illusion of power.

SkyCrawler2748d ago

I don't see how you're getting spotlight from being an anon hacker...noone knows your face. All they know is you're a hacker pissing people off and you're going to cause a shift in our freedom when it comes to online gaming

kneon2748d ago

low self esteem + no life + computer = hacker

xabmol2748d ago

That most people are ignorant of reality.

IE every Sony lover on this site. Sony has done some messed up stuff, but no one sees or cares as long as they can play Call Of Duty.

One of these days you'll wake up and realize that you don't own anything. You cam merely rent them. This is true of your PS3 right now.

NVM... Get you 2 minutes hate on. Ignorance is strength, Brother!

SkyCrawler2748d ago

Its not particularly ignorance just because you preach about it.

xabmol2748d ago


Hate! Hate! Hate!

SkyCrawler2748d ago

What are you babbling about? XD Where is the hate? I gave you non.

xabmol2748d ago

Oh, sorry. It is rather difficult to judge the tone from someones text.

The way I read your comment; it sounds like your saying that it is not a lack of knowledge just because I say it is. Even though SpaceSquirrel just said he lacks the knowledge. Ether that, or you just called me a jack ass.

That's how it reads to me.

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Nicaragua2748d ago

The point is notoriety.

The sony attacks are probably one of the highest profile hack attacks that have ever been done. When the military gets hacked then you might make the news but for some reason when sony got hacked it was front page news for several days.

mastiffchild2748d ago

Notoriety for who? They can't even SAY it's them so the circle of who they can boast to must consist if the two people they did it with and their mums who made the hotpockets during opsony, no?

The moment anyone puts a name to o ne of those responsible is the day it all stops-these aren't tough guys who won't crack under questioning but guys with a little IT smarts. they ill shit out when faced with jail and it'll b a race to see who can grass the most in the least time. They have no balls or would attach targets with real teeth or, you know, that deserve it and pissing off gamers is as soft a target as there is.

Fact is these no marks are the very nadir of internet anonymity making them feel ballsy and hard-just like a forum troll(they're actually worse people than that)who hides behind a false name and avatar. When the REAL names come out(and they will) we will find out exactly who's responsible for all our future net liberties being taken away with the vast majority of the World's public BEHIND the governments who will be seen to be "looking after" us all-these idiot hackers are bringing about the very thing they fear the most in the desperation to annoy some gamers.

I'm amazeds anyone supports themthese days when it's sop[lain their policies are no good and are going to land us all with an internet we won't want to use for fear of every government agency knowing our every word online, our every opinion, our entire online lives. Well done genius hackers! You saved us all just to annoy Sony and piss off gamers! Well worth it you retards, short sighted tool morons with no clue of priority or consequence and no thought for anything but their own lulz and egos.

Nicaragua2748d ago

Clearly they dont need to be able to say its them, the satisfaction they get from doing it must be enough because its not like they are getting paid for doing it.

Anyway for all you or I know there must be some kind of social interaction for these kind of people were they can talk to each other about what they have done - check out any of the chan boards.

jay22748d ago

Why the [email protected]@k don't these people just get arrested......

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