PS3 injected with Nectar: New Haze Ad

After DualShock 3, it's time for injecting PS3 with Nectar.

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MK_Red3980d ago

Awesome ad but it kinda uses the previous one's trick.

Kleptic3980d ago

average I guess...less corny then the use of Korn (no pun intended) in the game, whom should have stopped making music nearly 10 years ago...but still not the best ps3 ad I have ever seen...

in either case though this points to the game not being delayed to 2008 like yesterdays rumors...still a possibility, but this ad would be completely moot if that was true...

unsunghero283979d ago (Edited 3979d ago )

That's true.

Maybe the next one will be injecting the PS3's sales with Nectar!


SmokeyMcBear3980d ago

i cant tell if this is fake or not.. funny none the less

paul_war3980d ago

Same here, fake or not? It get the price cut across. Though i'm sure some political correct group will see this add as advocating the use of drugs or something.

Panthers3980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

I dont think it is real.

Vertius3980d ago

Of course it's real. It's just Free Radical humour. ;)

IdontTakeSides3980d ago

Kool....hey it's better than those PS3 launch adds...

Relientk773980d ago

LOL thats sooo random... i like how the nectar drops the price haha... wow thats funny

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The story is too old to be commented.