New website domains from Sony and Microsoft may hint at E3 announcements

Superannuation has revealed that Sony and Microsoft have recently registered new website domains, which may hint at some of their announcements for E3.

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Hitman07692754d ago

Hell yeah glad to see new product emerging from the big 3. I hope that we can see new IPs emerging very soon.

Iamback2754d ago

Nothing here really. Not sure if Qore info is worth reporting. Besides why people need to spoil everything, can't they wait for few more days and be surprised?

shikamaroooo2754d ago

All quore from Sony and all kinect from Microsoft . Im guessing that new fable game will either be xbl or kinect game

AAACE52754d ago

The Fable game name seems kinda MMO-ish!

gta28002754d ago

It seems Microsofts E3 is gonna be a Kinect fest this year lol.

a08andan2754d ago

Microsoft is taking a huge risk focusing at the casuals the way they do. I'm not saying they shouldn't but with products like Ipad, XperiaPlay and other cellphones and PC's, they might be aiming for an audience that is content with those said products. The Wii was a success because it was something new that you couldn't find anywhere at the time.

ThrazN72753d ago

mass effect 3 and ghost recon are getting kinect features so hopefully more core kinect games are being announced gears of war exile is one of them and maybe a new alan wake or halo will use kinect

kinect is an awesome piece of technology. there are so many uses for it. the future holds a lot :)