Unreal Tournament III - Games Radar takes on the mighty shooter

From Games Radar:

"We can't be more excited about Unreal Tournament III - there really isn't any other shooter on the radar that has the game's breadth and depth of weapons, vehicles and level design, all enveloped in truly mesmerizing 60fps graphics that ache to be displayed on a giant monitor." More within...

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Milkman5414043d ago

So...Warhawk, Ratchet & Clank, Call of Duty 4, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Haze, The Orange Box and UT III

All these games I honestly wonder how I'm gonna give them equal time...

shmee4042d ago

apply macroeconomics theory

However i will be having the same prob too

so no regrets


Greysturm4043d ago

The ps3 is gonna have 3 triple aaa titles in its first year.

PimpHandHappy4042d ago

im going to go broke with all these games coming out...

damnwrx4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

will be released next year...

Yeah with no date/ no eta....

Game Crazy4042d ago

Just dont know if I should upgrade my videocard and memory on my PC, wait for the PS3 version, or wait even longer for the 360 version. I wish there was a way to know which version was going to be the best. Does anybody know if the PC version will be online compatable with either the PS3 or 360?

eleaz144042d ago

Pc version will be compatible with the PS3

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