E3 2011 preview: The hottest games to watch out for

Pocket-Lint: The year’s biggest gaming convention, E3 2011, is about to kick off in Los Angeles (on Monday 6 June) and the great and the good of the gaming world will be there, including Pocket-lint.

And while there are still plenty of surprises to be had, a few trailers and teaser clips have been seeped out prior to the big event, so here are the hottest games and kit we can’t wait to have a play with when we get to the show.

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PhoenixDevil2749d ago

Since I saw that tomb raider reboot trailer have been very excited about it, I really hope they go back to the more old styled games, more puzzle focused otherwise its going to be a direct competitor to Uncharted and I dnt think it will be able to top it (yes I kno Tomb Raider was out way before Uncharted was)

One not mentioned on the list but one I've been hoping for every E3 since announcement FF Vs 13 will we finally see some more footage and solid release date. FF13-2 is set for late 2012 so heres hoping for a early 2012 release for vs 13 (hey we can dream right)