How Sony can win E3

Videogamer - Whether you think that the PSN hacking debacle was a serious error on Sony's part or an unpreventable crime in which the company was the innocent victim, one thing is clear: Sony needs to move on from PSN-gate, and pronto.

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Kon2726d ago

This article... again?

sinncross2726d ago

An apology, new PSN games and a good NGP showing will be anough for Sony to win E3?

'Winning' E3, if such a thing exists, really comes down to outplaying the competition so to speak.

MS may most likly go the route of 3D, massive Kinect support and social networking options (like this iptv thing).
Sony could counter this with better 3D, more mofve support (even possibyl having PS Suite PS3 compatible with move users) and then working on some good firmware updates, liek google chrome, cross chat or whatever.

Nintendo is definitely going to go all out with the 3DS and Wii2. If Sony can downplay both, such as stronger showing for NGP and undercutting the controller thing for Wii2 with proper cloud gaming between PS3/ NGP, then I think Sony has a chance to win E3.

As it stands, gamers win :)

LOGICWINS2726d ago





ShinFuYux2726d ago

I don't consider it tomorrow until I wake up...tomorrow. It's still Saturday for me...even though it's 3am.


Sharingan_no_Kakashi2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

I'm a nerd. I always count down the seconds til E3. And when the count down is over and the the E3 logo appears on my tv screen I yell so loud you'd think I had just went SS3 lol.

Cant wait for sony's keynote.

RedDead2726d ago

I try not to think about it. Time goes by much quicker

pain777pas2726d ago

Taking risks is key more on Journey and David cages new game. A GREAT Move exclusive would be nice not holding my breath because I value my life. The rest I think we will get. Exclusive DLC for B3 is not necessary but a good port of the game may be. The NGP price is my only concern. 250 dollars for the wifi only and 299 for 3G would be great. Make it happen Sony. Last Guardian release day and demo would be great. New IP and returning IP like GOW. FF7 remake at the end of the Show that is NGP/PS3 compatible would take some thunder away from a potential show stealing Nintendo press conference.

LukaX232726d ago

Hey, shut up. That is all.

kikizoo2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

The real question is : how can they loose, with NGP and best exclusives (again).

"In most eyes, I think Nintendo having a shiny new console is an automatic E3 win"

lol, yeah, wich is really ridiculous (like last year).

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Mac is OK2726d ago

Best case scenario:
- A lot of third party support for NGP
- $299 for NGP without 3G
- PSN interface updated and new services added
- PS3 price cut
- Plenty of AAA exclusives shown and announced for PS3(Agent, The Last Guardian, new God of War, new Gran Turismo)

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2726d ago

A new GT? Idk bout that one. Gt5 just came out a few months ago and gtpsp not long before that. Polyphony is gonna have enough updates on Gt5 to last a while. I wouldnt expect GT6 til after next gen starts.

Spitfire_Riggz2726d ago

Yeah, if anything is going to be announced for GT5 I believe it will be new free tracks or cars

sinncross2726d ago

Yeah more like GT5 Spec 2.

More cars, more tracks, more SP races (DTM and GIA GT licenses), more MP content (both off and online) and slight graphical updates (clear shadows, better looking standards cars like HD decals)

cyclonus0072726d ago

In most eyes, I think Nintendo having a shiny new console is an automatic E3 win. Followed by Sony with a shiny new handheld.

From Microsoft, I expect the same as last year's E3:

Call of Duty

Rinse and repeat.

bujasem_892726d ago

u Mean How Sony Already Won E3 :p

the_best_player2726d ago

Sony has the first party games

showtimefolks2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

show NGP talking about everything from game support at launch window and biggest of them all a good price point.

without 3g 249
with 3g maybe 299-349

talk about psn explain your side of the story one more time. talk about how much effort has gone into making psn more secure and telling everyone when psn went down all the security updates were up to date. while reminding everyone nothing on inter-web is 100% secure but you will you will try your best

talk about giving everyone free stuff and free psn-plus.

also if possible announce a new interface for psn and give all these gamers who have been asking for cross game chat so they can stop asking every time there is sony news to come lol

than move on to games the 2 minute gameplay trailer of agent I SAY WHEN IT COMES TIME TO SHOW PSN STUFF THAT'S WHAT YOU START WITH to show people you mean business

uncharted 3
resistance 3
ratchet and clank all 4 one
jak in HD
ratchet from ps2 in HD
getaway 3 development restarted
eight days development restarted
syphone filter
ape escape hd remakes
david cage's new game
SM studio is working on GOW4 and another game so show atleast one of them
what is japan studio working on?
where is heavenly sword 2?

and finish with showing HALF LIFE 3 bring gabe out one more time.(it still can e for pc,xbox360 and ps3 just like portal 2 was just the announcement at sony's conference)

and we have ourself a great E3 conference

so are TV networks airing the whole 5hrs of conference?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2726d ago

That would make for an epic hour and a half assuming all that stuff would fit. The other 3 and a half hours is ony special events. doubt it gets aired. Hope it does though.

cyclonus0072726d ago

Talking about how PSN is more secure now would only attract more hacks. Sony has to tread very carefully when talking about this whole mess. Thank the users (briefly) for waiting and mention the Welcome Back program. That's it.

Then on to the good stuff.

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