Top Ten Developers of All Time - #7 LucasArts

Ripten lists its top ten developers of all time, channeling the power of force at #7 with LucasArts.


#10 Activision


#8 Square Enix

#7 LucasArts

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Dark_Overlord3951d ago

Its sad to see they don't make them anymore

ruibing3951d ago

I can't believe they are ranked above Square Enix...

Rooted_Dust3951d ago

This is in recognition of the games they used to make before their games started sharing the same fate as the new Star Wars movies.

Nostradavis3951d ago

maybe we can all start a petition and stick it next to Yoda's staff in front of their building?

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PS360WII3951d ago

Bounty Hunter was pretty good too and I played the heck out of Day of the Tentacle ^^

gunmetal3951d ago

We miss you, Guybrush Threepwood!

DeckUKold3951d ago

BUT square should be way higher they are like the sole reason of the playstation's success

Xi3951d ago

they deserve to be higher, everyone knows that lucas arts was king back in the day, their games like Full throttle, monkey island, the grim fandango, my god, they have so many classics not even including starwars titles. lucas arts is one of the founding game companies that defined what good games are.

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