Pre-E3 2011: Nintendo E3 Expectations

Nintendo's 2010 E3 outing was arguably one of the stronger presentations of the show, with the reveal of their 3DS, as well as many game announcements for both the aforementioned 3DS and the Wii. At this year's E3, Nintendo could potential steal the show depending on how they play their cards, with a rumored next gen console making an appearance on top of a console Legend of Zelda title that still lacks a solid release date. Here are a few of the highlights I think are going to make their way into Nintendo's 2011 E3 conference.

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gameguidedog2690d ago

Nintendo most definately will be displaying the next Wii or Wiii or Wii2 or what have you. lol. Can't wait, should be a nice scoop to cover.

D2K2690d ago

The 'Truth and Accuracy' department called. They wanted it to be known that Nintendo WON E3 last year and there were no arguments against it. No intelligent ones anyway.

It is fair to say that no was expecting them to rule the day like they did so the element of surprise definitely worked out in their favor. This year everyone is expecting fireworks from Nintendo's E3 show so it could very easily be a let down with all the hype going in. I can almost guarantee that whatever we THINK Nintendo is going to do will be WAY OFF from what actually happens. I think the best thing for us to do is to check our opinion and preconceptions at the door and just let Nintendo tell US what they are going to do.