E3 '11: A Guide of What to Expect from Microsoft's Press Briefing - This guide details what to expect from Kinect, Halo, Forza 4, Gears of War 3, and Windows Phone 7 Mango at Microsoft's E3 2011 press event.

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Raven_Nomad2724d ago

Bad article when you take into account that Mass Effect 3 will indeed support Kinect. Or at least it's looking that way.

MRHARDON2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

Here is what I expect, a MW3 SP demo and after the demo a stupid lady will come over the speakers and say "Everyone please welcome Senior Vice president mr tool bag Don Mattrick"

When he comes out he will say a couple things about how Black Ops is the best selling game of 2010 and the dlc has sold a couple million copies. Then he will proceed to announce some more exclusive COD content only found on Xbox 360...

Thats what I expect will happen for the first 10 mins of the conference...

m232724d ago

I'm expecting a MW3 demo, Gears 3 demo, Forza 4 demo. Those are what we know about at least, MGS:Rising won't be there, so that's gonna suck. I think we might see the Kingdoms game demoed as well, and a couple new game announcements.
Then when they move onto the entertainment aspect of Xbox, they'll show off that XBL Diamond thing which looks really interesting, but it may just be for US, which sucks for us Canadians. They'll also show their usual dashboard updates, possibly adding youtube into the dashboard.
Then for Kinect, I think they will introduce an app store and we will see similar things to the Kinect hacks, I think that Davinci hack for Kinect is already confirmed to be there. They will also try to win over core gamers with core Kinect games with Star Wars being confirmed to be there as well as some more surprise Kinect games.
I can't wait for Monday to get here, I'd never thought I would say that.

thats_just_prime2724d ago

I think there a good change they will close with announcing the next xbox . Probaly just a logo and a code name for it.

m232724d ago

I doubt that, especially after launching Kinect less than a year ago. Selling 10 million units and then announcing a new console just doesn't sound right. I think they were looking to extend the lifespan of 360 with Kinect, and I'm fine with the 360 for a couple more years. Maybe they will launch in 2013 or 2014, but I don't think sooner than that.
I hope they close with a Halo 4 announcement, showing us where the hell Master Chief is.

guigsy2724d ago

They had demos for Gears and Forza last E3, I reckon we will just see trailers for the both of them. Definitely a MW3 demo and something on Kingdoms. I think they will end the show with a Halo 4 teaser personally.

Cerberus292724d ago

I just hope they show real games this year instead of focusing on cheesy scripted video chats and crappy "casual" games

Just_The_Truth2724d ago

the video chat was horrible.

Pyscho_Mantis2724d ago

this is some bullshit article...since when did Xbox have any exclusive deal for Mass Effect = none it was always a mulitplatform game. Also lol like above the first ten mins are going to be mw3 then they will announce "{exclusive dlc"} eventhough it comes out a month later for all other platforms.

Off topic but the one thing I hate about M$ and sometimes is how they try and advertise multi platform games as exclusives....pathetic.