Why Video Games ARE Art: A Rebuttal

Before I get into what the title of this article so tantalizingly teases at, I must confess something. This is going to be a hard article to write for me for one reason: Roger Ebert. Confusing, I know, but let’s take a trip back to about one month ago, when something major happened in the battle to give video games the same rights that other forms of art enjoy.

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jesscamegan2751d ago

Amazing article! I love the perspective that you took on this argument.
Art is definitely in the eye of the beholder. There are some incredibly famous pieces of art that I do not understand or like, but I would never disagree that it is indeed art.

jmobley2750d ago

I don't really agree even though I am a huge video game guy. But at the same time I am kind of torn cause people consider movies art even though like games it is a collaborative medium so in that sense games are art. I don't know.

pungello19882750d ago

Great article, really makes you think.

TheFodi2750d ago

Video games as art is a joke. I'll give that certain aspects of video games could be called art, but video games as a whole no.