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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1637d ago | news

More GTA V evidence emerges - but is it set in real-world LA?

CVG - Retailers have listed a new Grand Theft Auto game ahead of the E3 announcement spree next seek. (Grand Theft Auto V, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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kookie  +   1637d ago
Next week will TeLL
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Focker420  +   1637d ago
Not necessarily... R* don't typically make announcements at E3
EliteDave93  +   1637d ago
They did with GTA IV so why not with next GTA?
-Alpha  +   1637d ago
Rockstar said they wont be at E3 this year though.
blumatt  +   1637d ago
I hope it's like San Andreas and past GTAs----Bring Back Controller Cheat Codes!!!!
I hope it's true. I"m ready for a new GTA game. I just hope they go back to the fun gameplay style like it was in GTA Vice City and San Andreas. GTA 4 just didn't do it for me at all! I miss the crazy, wacky over-the-top fun that was in those games. GTA 4 tried to be too realistic. I hope to see all the things that made San Andreas great! Many different locations and environments, as well as another big mountain, parachuting, jets, helicopters, tanks, combines, etc. etc. Also, I liked being able to go lift weights and it affected your stamina. You could also get fat if you ate too much. It was just so cool how many things you could do in that game. You could also have a girlfriend, which was kinda neat.

Also, PLEASE bring back controller cheat codes. I don't want to have to open a menu and enter a code into a damn cell phone. That sucked!! I miss the old days where I could just memorize the cheats and I could do it over and over again for more ammo and health/armor. Those were the good days!
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Blacktric  +   1637d ago
Did they attended to E3 2006 where GTA IV announced? No. Instead, Peter Moore took the stage and show the tattoo he made onto his arm to announce the game. They don't necessarily have to be in E3 in official capacity to announce next GTA game. Maybe it'll be announced in Sony or Microsoft or maybe even in Nintendo conference. Who knows.
sofocado  +   1637d ago
I hope they keep it fun like GTA IV. I like the feel of GTA IV better then the others.
MrBeatdown  +   1637d ago
Don't forget Agent. And Chinatown Wars for DS.

Rockstar never attends E3, but three times now their games have been announced there. Not attending and not having a booth doesn't mean they can't have Sony or MS, or even Nintendo unveil their game, or simply release a trailer online during E3 week.
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mikeslemonade   1637d ago | Offensive
I_find_it_funny  +   1637d ago
Multiplayer in GTA4 was pretty fun. I loved playing especially Cops n Crooks and Turf Wars.

Cops and Crooks should be back in V
WhittO  +   1637d ago
wouldn't it be great if they set it say 50 years or so into the future!!

How much more interesting would a GTA game be with a city full of detail/atmosphere...but set in the future.

They would have my money day 1.

But if it is just another GTA that is the same as GTA4 but different city...or set in the past (which we already have a few open-world games set in the past anyway), then I'm not all that interest tbh.
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HardCover  +   1636d ago
What's the big deal with using a phone for the cheats? It saves your numbers.

Now you memorize the key strokes to open phone, go to cheats menu, and choose the cheat, rather than 15 arbitrary key strokes.
Electroshocked  +   1636d ago
I'm excited about GTA V and all, but what about Agent? Hopefully we'll get something on it at this year's E3.
showtimefolks  +   1637d ago
tomroow we will know more
RS are holding a private showing of their games tomorrow and if its not announced sunday it will not be announced at this year's e3

coming straight from patcher in the last episode of bonus round
iPad  +   1637d ago
Why does -Alpha get so many disagrees?
HardCover  +   1636d ago
Because this is N4G?
RedDevils  +   1637d ago
they better make a Vice city or SA cause those are the best GTA with awesome music, this gen GTA suck ass!!
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showtimefolks  +   1637d ago
well one thing to note here is
take-two have signed RS to new contract so their contract no longer ending in January 2012

even if this is announced this year i expect it to come out between april-august 2012

gta 4 came out around summer and did pretty well. GTA is the only franchise that doesn't need fall release date to sell
zu4G  +   1637d ago
pls no more L.A.
lazertroy  +   1637d ago
GTA V is gonna suck if it's multiplatform.
metsgaming  +   1637d ago
i dont think its really the fact that its multiplatform that will make it bad. They need to go back to the old controls and make it fun like the old ones.
Wenis  +   1637d ago
I agree... it should be a PC exclusive
Focker420  +   1637d ago

Did GTA San Andreas and Vice City suck??


Did the graphics make it a bad game?? No. Yes, obviously the graphics would be better if they focused on developing for one platform, but making a multiplatform game doesn't automatically mean the game will 'suck'. The graphics may not be what you want them to be but that isn't the number 1 factor in whether a game is good or not is it?
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rob6021  +   1637d ago
They filled a whole disk with PS2 level textures, so no they didn't. If you want PS2 graphics maybe the next GTA won't be limited by DVD9.
maniacmayhem  +   1637d ago
Lazertroy is right, hopefully it will be a Jaguar excluuuuusive!
koh  +   1637d ago
As long as GTA V is only on the Virtual Boy I'll be happy. But seriously, trolls gunna troll.
yume-k   1637d ago | Offensive
creamsoda  +   1637d ago
don't be a greedy fanboy.. let all gamers enjoy gta v.
joab777  +   1636d ago
I'm not so sure. I say keep it in real world LA and use whatever they used for la Noire. Either that or do new Orleans, Prague, or Moscow. The seedy environments that could b created there would be perfect.
liveActionLeveler  +   1636d ago
obvious stealth trolls need to shut the **** up
metsgaming  +   1637d ago
I really hope they dont go back to LA, they should be back in Vice city before they go and do that. Oh and please fix the controls and make them like there were with 3, vice city and SA. Remove the police circle thing and go back to the old system of doing it. Have a large map, long varied story, no lame main character. Just bring the fun back and make it a lively and vivid game like it used to be.
omi25p  +   1637d ago
i liked the controls, I liked the new police radar made it much more realistic and it think GTA IV had a great main character and story.
Dee_91  +   1637d ago
smh the police circle is basically the same as the old star system..
BryanBegins  +   1636d ago
You like a characters that are controlled like a tank? You like cars that can't turn?

Rockstar makes great games with awesome stories, but they need to improve their controls. They have always been behind but it's more and more obvious now with so many great 3rd person shooters out there.
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omi25p  +   1636d ago
The characters didnt handle like tanks and the cars could turn, its all down to how good you are and im good at GTA
Lykon  +   1637d ago
i thought the controls and main character were good...but the friend missions and the bloody mobile phone got on my tits and i missed the side missions.
-Mezzo-  +   1637d ago
Within 3 days we'll know if it's real or not. Though i would Love to see a new GTA as it's been a while since the last came out.

If not GTA 5, I'll be happy even if they announced "GTA Vice City & San Andreas HD Collection". :D
metsgaming  +   1637d ago
if they do a collection i think it would be cool if they combine the maps so you can fly to vice city from the san andreas map. That would be awesome.
blumatt  +   1637d ago
Yes!! I want Vice City and San Andreas in HD with trophies on one bluray disc! I'd pay $40 for that! I'd be playing San Andreas jumping off that damn mountain over and over for days!!! haha So much fun in that game!

Well, actually, they're not a selling point for me, but for many people it would be. I'm not a "trophy whore." lol
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koh  +   1637d ago
Trophies would really be a major selling point for you? Ehh, I hardly notice them anymore. "Here have a virtual stock image!"
Zir0  +   1637d ago
Will most certainly be at one of the big 3 conferences but which one?

Could be Sony's to link in with Agent, MS's since they need a big bombshell and they had exclusive DLC before or Nintendo to show they have strong 3rd party support for Project Cafe.
rob6021  +   1637d ago
Supposedly if Take Two has their conference tomorrow, they'll unveil GTA V 1 day before E3 - so we'll know tomorrow.
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TheNocturnus  +   1637d ago
xVeZx  +   1637d ago
omg just dance 3 YESSSS
maniacmayhem  +   1637d ago
GTA should really go overseas to london, japan or even better....isreal! Imagine walking down the street, u stop to jack a hooker and BAM, the coffee shop next to you blows up from a suicide bomber.
Pintheshadows  +   1637d ago
Let me guess, you were that hooker? Wait.....that sounded better in my head. Sleep deprivation is awesome.

Anyway, yes I'd like a foreign setting. Maybe not Japan but Marseille or Barcelona. I think that would be good. London is just too depressing for GTA. The main character would just be getting trampled by angry businessmen because they missed their train.

I hope to see a middleground (where ever it is set) of the bustling city from 4 and and RDRs beautifully created countryside complete with wild life and dotted with smaller towns. I think they can pull of bringing the SA concept forward without impeding on what they started with 4. I would like the variety of activities back though. And military response. And bicycles because as SA taught us they are a tanks worst enemy.
just_looken  +   1637d ago
fyi they have gone overseas gta london look it up.
maniacmayhem  +   1637d ago
I remember, it was an add on for the ps1.

We need an up to date version tho.
Kon  +   1637d ago
Braking News : GTA IV will be set in Cambodia.

See, i can make up news and rumors too.
Pintheshadows  +   1637d ago
GTA Isle of Wight.

GTP Kerguelen Island. The P stands for penguin. It's a tiny island in the middle of the pacific with a bird research lab of sorts on it. I just want a game where you can drive penguins.
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WhiteLightning  +   1637d ago
I hope this is an exclusive, most times I don't care about this stuff since I feel most gamers should enjoy the best games that are out their but sometimes a game would do better if it was an exclusive and this is one of them. I know going multiplatform is all about money but I'm thinking of it in a gamers point of view.

Blu ray = more content, bigger map, no content getting cut

Sorry 360 fans but GTA would be way better on the PS3
Max_Dissatisfaction  +   1637d ago
pepsilover_2007  +   1637d ago
make sure you add the police system of chinatown wars and make it more over the top like san andreas
scotchmouth  +   1637d ago
Don't forget to add the drug dealing from China Town wars! That would be clutch in a 3D environment. Plus the vehicle selection of SA and we would have a winner.
BryanBegins  +   1636d ago
We should be allowed to be a pimp and make money this way too! lol
Kee  +   1637d ago
Part of San andreas was called LS as in LA. So I doubt LA will be in the next one.

It's already been done. They could revisit it as they've done before with Liberty city (as in New York).

Then again Vice city was supposed to be Miami.
That is also an option.

They could also do it in London (as they did do a 2d game called GTA: London long ago) but I doubt it'd be as good a setting as america. There'd be much less guns.
Pintheshadows  +   1637d ago
My choices would be Marseille, Barcelona or maybe Moscow. Obviously parodies. But really what I said further up is what I want to see.

Not the penguin thing by the way.
MasterD919  +   1637d ago
Interesting but Im not so sure if GTA will be out this year...
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aia12  +   1637d ago
gta v should be pc exclusive consoles dont have enough ram for massive open world games with high resolution textures aside from that pc is a generation ahead in raw power.
Half-Mafia  +   1637d ago
i bought GTA4 again on PC through the Steam sale a few months ago, PC version destorys the consoles, i was actually shocked how crap the consoles looked
DeathMetal1474  +   1636d ago
Thats True
@ Below And you shut up console fanboy eat a dick. Have fun playing it at under 720P. Game runs great on a PC dumbass.
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just_looken  +   1637d ago
good luck with the memory leaks rage engine crashing and modding those files also fyi gta san andreas pwons gtaiv as far as map size and content yet that was on 256mb ram so pls stfu ty
DeathMetal1474   1636d ago | Offensive
Half-Mafia  +   1637d ago
its about time we get a new GTA, there is no game like it
Shackdaddy836  +   1637d ago
Love GTA
Darkseeker  +   1637d ago
They're not gonna announce GTA5 at E3 because Rockstar aren't even gonna be there.
EazyC  +   1637d ago
Take two, their parent company, will be their. E3 of 2007 (GTA IV was announced there) exhibitors list said no Rockstar, but Take-Two, but Rockstar WAS there, just under the umbrella of Take-Two, see?
Ultra Gamer  +   1637d ago
Make a GTA game based in Chicago! That is all.
BryanBegins  +   1636d ago
Nah, Chicago would be too similar to Liberty City. Going to Vice city or SA would provide a better game IMO
pip77  +   1637d ago
Hopefully R* will release some news about Agent as well.
lazertroy  +   1637d ago
GTA V Should be similar to Driver parallel lines. Where you started off playing in the 70's then later on in the game you started playing in modern day time. Also GTA should be in more then one location why not different countries China, London,LA etc. We can catch a plane,Boat or a train to get back in fourth. This is my vision for next gen GTA. Thats why I want it to be exclusive because the 360 will hold the game back as usual.
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EazyC  +   1637d ago
How about a different disc for each city?
Bull5hifT  +   1637d ago
I think if people could handle a 3 disk game like L.A. noire why not cut up San Andreas 2 into Three parts for each city, so the disk makes sense.. Then the 360 wont GIMP the ps3 again ...... At least microsoft opened up the 6.8GB usual disk to handle 10GB.. Wonder how they got passed the 9GB limit of dvd's .... I really hope rockstar see's the acceptance of L.A. Noire by 360 owners as a sign that gta can be cut up too
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MasterCornholio  +   1637d ago
We have already been to san andreas. Try a different location like Rome or Tokyo.
#23 (Edited 1637d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Bull5hifT  +   1637d ago
The Houser Brothers said The Gta Series was made to make fun of American Culture.. Not sure if they planned to take it elsewhere, a parody of american life heavily influenced by Movies portraying America in Certain ways, Good Fellas Menace II Society ans such and such; i know about gta2 london.. Maby they thought it be okay to make fun of there Home Town
#23.1 (Edited 1637d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
EazyC  +   1637d ago
Trust me, americans would....not get.... Modern-day London. It would be such a difficult city to replicate, and its surrounded by motorways, so it would be very awkward to set map boundaries.
Psychotica  +   1637d ago
I think the drug traffic between LA and Juarez, Mexico would create the ideal setting for the next GTA. Juarez is one of the most violent crime infested cities in the world now.
EazyC  +   1637d ago
Yes, perhaps have it much like Red Dead Redemptions set up with different places to travel.
hassi94  +   1637d ago
I really hope it's not real world LA. Most of the GTA humour comes from the made up city, it's made up properties and people!
0321  +   1637d ago
San Andreas type of sequel would be tits!
zeeshan810  +   1636d ago
They listed God of War 4. its FAKE!

They also listed Agent for December 31, 2011. I doubt it.
GTA V - December 31, 2012.
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Nes_Daze  +   1636d ago
I'd have them set it in LA before Vice City, but if it was up to me, I would have the next gta be set in a different country.
Bounkass  +   1636d ago
I don't think Rockstar would re-create LA twice...
nolifeking  +   1636d ago
Why not? They've done liberty city three times at least.
HardCover  +   1636d ago
Just because Team Bondi made an LA game doesn't mean Rockstar North can't.
BlmThug  +   1636d ago
Only One Day Till E3
Paragon  +   1636d ago
Can't wait. :-D
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