More GTA V evidence emerges - but is it set in real-world LA?

CVG - Retailers have listed a new Grand Theft Auto game ahead of the E3 announcement spree next seek.

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kookie2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Next week will TeLL

Focker4202271d ago

Not necessarily... R* don't typically make announcements at E3

EliteDave932271d ago

They did with GTA IV so why not with next GTA?

-Alpha2271d ago

Rockstar said they wont be at E3 this year though.

blumatt2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

I hope it's true. I"m ready for a new GTA game. I just hope they go back to the fun gameplay style like it was in GTA Vice City and San Andreas. GTA 4 just didn't do it for me at all! I miss the crazy, wacky over-the-top fun that was in those games. GTA 4 tried to be too realistic. I hope to see all the things that made San Andreas great! Many different locations and environments, as well as another big mountain, parachuting, jets, helicopters, tanks, combines, etc. etc. Also, I liked being able to go lift weights and it affected your stamina. You could also get fat if you ate too much. It was just so cool how many things you could do in that game. You could also have a girlfriend, which was kinda neat.

Also, PLEASE bring back controller cheat codes. I don't want to have to open a menu and enter a code into a damn cell phone. That sucked!! I miss the old days where I could just memorize the cheats and I could do it over and over again for more ammo and health/armor. Those were the good days!

Blacktric2271d ago

Did they attended to E3 2006 where GTA IV announced? No. Instead, Peter Moore took the stage and show the tattoo he made onto his arm to announce the game. They don't necessarily have to be in E3 in official capacity to announce next GTA game. Maybe it'll be announced in Sony or Microsoft or maybe even in Nintendo conference. Who knows.

sofocado2271d ago

I hope they keep it fun like GTA IV. I like the feel of GTA IV better then the others.

MrBeatdown2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Don't forget Agent. And Chinatown Wars for DS.

Rockstar never attends E3, but three times now their games have been announced there. Not attending and not having a booth doesn't mean they can't have Sony or MS, or even Nintendo unveil their game, or simply release a trailer online during E3 week.

I_find_it_funny2271d ago

Multiplayer in GTA4 was pretty fun. I loved playing especially Cops n Crooks and Turf Wars.

Cops and Crooks should be back in V

WhittO2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

wouldn't it be great if they set it say 50 years or so into the future!!

How much more interesting would a GTA game be with a city full of detail/atmosphere...but set in the future.

They would have my money day 1.

But if it is just another GTA that is the same as GTA4 but different city...or set in the past (which we already have a few open-world games set in the past anyway), then I'm not all that interest tbh.

HardCover2271d ago

What's the big deal with using a phone for the cheats? It saves your numbers.

Now you memorize the key strokes to open phone, go to cheats menu, and choose the cheat, rather than 15 arbitrary key strokes.

Electroshocked2271d ago

I'm excited about GTA V and all, but what about Agent? Hopefully we'll get something on it at this year's E3.

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showtimefolks2271d ago

RS are holding a private showing of their games tomorrow and if its not announced sunday it will not be announced at this year's e3

coming straight from patcher in the last episode of bonus round

iPad2271d ago

Why does -Alpha get so many disagrees?

RedDevils2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

they better make a Vice city or SA cause those are the best GTA with awesome music, this gen GTA suck ass!!

showtimefolks2271d ago

take-two have signed RS to new contract so their contract no longer ending in January 2012

even if this is announced this year i expect it to come out between april-august 2012

gta 4 came out around summer and did pretty well. GTA is the only franchise that doesn't need fall release date to sell

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lazertroy2272d ago

GTA V is gonna suck if it's multiplatform.

metsgaming2272d ago

i dont think its really the fact that its multiplatform that will make it bad. They need to go back to the old controls and make it fun like the old ones.

Wenis2272d ago

I agree... it should be a PC exclusive

Focker4202271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )


Did GTA San Andreas and Vice City suck??


Did the graphics make it a bad game?? No. Yes, obviously the graphics would be better if they focused on developing for one platform, but making a multiplatform game doesn't automatically mean the game will 'suck'. The graphics may not be what you want them to be but that isn't the number 1 factor in whether a game is good or not is it?

rob60212271d ago

They filled a whole disk with PS2 level textures, so no they didn't. If you want PS2 graphics maybe the next GTA won't be limited by DVD9.

maniacmayhem2271d ago

Lazertroy is right, hopefully it will be a Jaguar excluuuuusive!

koh2271d ago

As long as GTA V is only on the Virtual Boy I'll be happy. But seriously, trolls gunna troll.

yume-k2271d ago ShowReplies(1)
creamsoda2271d ago

don't be a greedy fanboy.. let all gamers enjoy gta v.

joab7772271d ago

I'm not so sure. I say keep it in real world LA and use whatever they used for la Noire. Either that or do new Orleans, Prague, or Moscow. The seedy environments that could b created there would be perfect.

liveActionLeveler2271d ago

obvious stealth trolls need to shut the **** up

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metsgaming2272d ago

I really hope they dont go back to LA, they should be back in Vice city before they go and do that. Oh and please fix the controls and make them like there were with 3, vice city and SA. Remove the police circle thing and go back to the old system of doing it. Have a large map, long varied story, no lame main character. Just bring the fun back and make it a lively and vivid game like it used to be.

omi25p2271d ago

i liked the controls, I liked the new police radar made it much more realistic and it think GTA IV had a great main character and story.

Dee_912271d ago

smh the police circle is basically the same as the old star system..

BryanBegins2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

You like a characters that are controlled like a tank? You like cars that can't turn?

Rockstar makes great games with awesome stories, but they need to improve their controls. They have always been behind but it's more and more obvious now with so many great 3rd person shooters out there.

omi25p2271d ago

The characters didnt handle like tanks and the cars could turn, its all down to how good you are and im good at GTA

Lykon2271d ago

i thought the controls and main character were good...but the friend missions and the bloody mobile phone got on my tits and i missed the side missions.