FTG Review: The Avenger Controller Adapter

In the world of competitive gaming a slight advantage could mean the difference between a win or loss, a death or kill. Gamers have tried all kinds of methods to gain this advantage. The folks at N-Control are touting that they have just the thing to give you that advantage with the Avenger Xbox 360 controller adapter.

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maxcavsm2748d ago

What in the good god damn is that?

smoothdude2748d ago

I would rather spend the money and get a good K&M adapter.

MintBerryCrunch2747d ago

look at my K/D ratio!!!!!

my K/D ratio is amazing!!!!

bwazy2748d ago

Sweet mercyful crap!

Also i swear this is so old

PureDarkness2748d ago

That thing looks ugly as hell