GameStop Sales and Trade-In Deals

GameStop has become one of the top video game retailers in the U.S., and they accomplished that by consistently having the best prices for games. Keeping up with their reputation for best prices, they are currently running a sale on EA games, and offering some impressive trade-in deals.

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Cwalk8162670d ago

Meh, I hate stores who do trade in credit.

TheFodi2670d ago

There are a lot of good arguments for not trading in your games at all, but if you're going to do ti you might as well get the most from it.

metsgaming2670d ago

i hear goozex is great for trading games.

NoobSessions2670d ago

Want to do a trade-in?

Best site ever. Ive already made 17 purchases or sells :P

GetoverHere1222670d ago

Dude, trying to save you money.Go home.

fluffydelusions2670d ago

I will trade games I no longer play during the power trades but that is about it.

showtimefolks2670d ago

along with 10% extra you get for being their member

i don't think i have any games to trade but getting 60% more is nice

jophus2670d ago

The ugly side is how it's kind of a screw job this time around. Last week Ghost Trick on the DS had a value of $10 in credit, this week with the promo kicked in, it's $7 plus the extra 50% is $10.50. No wonder I never feel like I got a good deal when I leave...

MostJadedGamer2670d ago

Um you do NOT get the 10% on top of the 50%. That is not how it works. it cann't be stacked like that.

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