Top Ten Scary Games for Halloween

The leaves have changed and the nasty heat from this past summer has finally subsided, so that means that we are approaching Halloween.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3678d ago

Not enough horror games this gen. Bioshock isn't even scary not to me.

ruibing3678d ago

Bioshock was more disturbing than scary. I'm hoping the new Silent Hills will give me a good scare.

Lightning Mr Bubbles3678d ago

cool to shoot those weird plastic fools.

kydrice3678d ago

Silent Hill 1 will always be the most scariest of the series for me. SH2 comes in second but 3 and 4 was not that scary. I hope 5 gets better.

chester3678d ago

i was looking for condemned as well. bioshock had fantastic atmosphere and a couple of scares, but it wasn't a scary game.

condemned had some great jump scares, fantastic atmospheres for a horror game, and some ***ked-up mind games going on. mainly i'm thinking about the manequins in the department store. the first time they showed up where they did without warning freaked the hell out of me.

LeonSKennedy4Life3678d ago

Bioshock is scarier than Fatal Frame II??? You're kidding me!

FirstknighT3678d ago

Fatal Frame was scary but the controls SUCKD MAJOR AZZ!

Doom 3 is a personal scary favorite for me.

LeonSKennedy4Life3678d ago

They were perfected on the third game though. The camera angles were GENIUS in that one!

chrno3678d ago

How is doom3 scary. It might to be scary for the first 20 minutes but later on it gets so boring.

FirstknighT3678d ago

There was a third Fatal Frame???

kydrice3678d ago

You really must be like 9 if DOOM 3 scared you LOL. That game was boring as hell. Go play DOOM 2 if you want scary. I mean seriously even the last boss was easy, they never should of had that cube thing or whatever that artifact was at the end.

FirstknighT3677d ago

Doom 2 scared you but Doom 3 didn't???? Well maybe it was my 5.1 surround system that gave me the extra chills because the audio was superb.

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The story is too old to be commented.