E3 2011: Mech Combat Evolved with Tons of New Hawken Info

The new indie game Hawken is looking to revolutionize Mech warfare, despite looking cool and pretty, does it have the potential under the hood?

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maxcavsm2723d ago

Whoa, this came out of nowhere...bwuh?

Lavalamp2722d ago

This is actually my most anticipated title going into E3. G4's got a segment of Hawken planned during their broadcasting of the expo, where new footage and even more new info will be revealed. So excited!

PureDarkness2722d ago

Really have no interest in this game

CrimsonEngage2722d ago

Yet you took the time to post. Derp.

humbleopinion2722d ago

I'm expecting this game, but this article is crap. There is nothing in it about E3 appearance, and it's just mixing speculations (pricing? really!?) with some previous known info about this game.

Seems like someone just watched the G4TV / GT and decided to write something about this game.

Relientk772722d ago

This game looks totally badass, I've kept my eye on it ever since I saw the first gameplay video

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