In 5 Minutes – The Pre E3 Pre Show Show

A special edition of In 5 Minutes covering all the news from the past 48 hours of gaming.

In what’s been a crazy few days, which can only be described as “trailergeddon” video game companies have been releasing début trailers, teaser trailers and hype videos galore in an attempt to get everyone hyped for their announcements at this years E3 which kicks off in a couple of days.

In this show the guys cover all the news from the last few days of “Pre E3″ as well as what they’re looking forward to from E3 2011.

Konami’s E3 Lineup
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Is Not A Joke
Star Trek Video Game
The Tomb Raider Trailer
Prey 2 Trailer
Project Cafe
Uncharted 3
Oh, and SoulCalibur V

All this in just 5 minutes, well… near enough!

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