Sony looking into ways to get Warhawk players in Starhawk beta

Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Harvard Bonin says that they are currently looking at a variety of different ways to bring diehard Warhawk players into the Starhawk beta.

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MinusTheBear2753d ago

awesome. I have like 70 hours into that game.

WhittO2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Ye I used to play Warhawk every day.

It's funny because I always used the sixaxes for flying warhawks and steering tanks etc! haha it was new at the time so wanted to use it.

I actually got really good with it and could out-manoeuvre most people in the air quite easily!

I still think more devs should incorporate sixaxes into their games, just do it properly an well thought through, they could easily have functions like push controller to mele etc in FPS. At least have the option so you can toggle it off/on if you want.

Everyone just totally ignores it now (for the most part), what a waste! A fully-functional motion sensor inside EVERY PS3 controller and almost NO ONE ever uses it outside of Sonys 1s Party Devs, and even then....

spunnups2752d ago

WhittO you are spot on with the Sixaxis underutilization. Heavenly Sword and Folklore to this day still are the two games for best using the function I think.

WhittO2752d ago

^^ Ye I loved using it in Folklore, it made capturing soo much more meaningful and satisfying as opposed to just pressing a button.

That's an example of sixaxes done right, you didn't use it for everything, it was just another input for the game that had a specific function.

thor2753d ago

Only 70? I think I've got over 250. And that only counts ranked play so it doesn't count split-screen games that I played a LOT. And bear in mind I'm one of the LESS dedicated players. :)

Kleptic2752d ago

I had over 100 hours in the first month, of which never counted properly because the stat system was beyond broken when the game shipped...

and as far as ranked play that actually ticked, i think i'm at like 70'ish...

and I agree...that is NOTHING compared to what I think this article is talking about with dedicated players...many say that it takes nearly 1000 hours to reach general...and there are still guys that play it nearly daily and hit general in like 2008...

theonlylolking2752d ago

This seems like a competition so I will say my play it time is OVER 9000 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!

dinkeldinkse2752d ago

But most of that is non-ranked because of split screen.

BkaY2752d ago

70hrs lol.... i got 1125hrs...

psn : BkaY


ThanatosDMC2752d ago

Bet I'm the best Warhawk pilot here. Yes, I'll take you on.

PSN: ThanatosDMC

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-EvoAnubis-2753d ago

Hell yeah! Sign me up! Me and my crew are locked, cocked, and ready to rock.

spektical2753d ago

aww what are the qualifications?

i was mediocre at this game.. this game came out when i wasn't to fond of shooters

ZombieNinjaPanda2753d ago

Awesome. Can't wait to become an ace in Starhawk also

telekineticmantis2752d ago

because I'm not much of a trophy hunter.

Kleptic2752d ago

if they are talking about the people that have played it regularly since the game released in 2007...probably something around 1000+ hours...shouldn't have anything to do with trophies...just the fans that stayed competitive in it for the past 4 years nearly...

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