Eurogamer Portugal: inFamous 2 Review

"When in May 2009 inFAMOUS debuted on the PlayStation 3 was with great anticipation and curiosity that I received . It was a refreshing approach to a kind of immense popularity to the super-heroic tones include a schedule of open world. With the first adventure of Cole, the Sucker Punch could catapult itself to the front ranks among the most recognized studios Sony, something that unfairly failed to Sly Cooper, and is now one of the studios in which more was expected for this sequel . If at first guided by the Sucker Punch irreverent way that addressed the separate genus, in the sequel surprised by how the formula remains true to herself but soars with improvements that show high attention and respect for the fans."

- Reviewed by Bruno Galvão

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clank5432754d ago

Yeah, the reviews for this game are a little scattered, but none of them are awful so far. In fact, most of them have been great and I'm extremely excited for Tuesday.

GOODKyle2754d ago

Luckily, I didn't have to wait until Tuesday and I can tell you without a doubt inFAMOUS 2 is DEFINITELY worth playing!

miyamoto2753d ago

The demo simply rocks! Such a very fun game.

I hope we have the option to customize Cole's look to that clean cut hair style Cole or Jason Statham XD!

Pintheshadows2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Watch out for a dick called Youcantunreadit. He is posting and PMing spoilers for the game. I wished bowel cancer on him.

Harsh. No.

@finn, he got me, i'm pissed but honestly I haven't slept in like 30 hrs so i'm already forgetting what he said.

sickbird2754d ago

yea i got that message too.

Baba19062754d ago

me too what an asshole, but i didnt really read it. red something about spoiler and erased it. =D even though it wouldnt kill me. its not like he is telling me about the ending of heavy rain or something. =D infamous is a lot about the story but mainly about the fun gameplay!

finnhima2754d ago

some asshole is definitely PM'ing spoilers. He nearly got me.

Falaut2754d ago

ahhhhhhh its Nathan Drake skin for Infamous2! lol

showtimefolks2754d ago

one site gives it 9/10 others 7.5 lol

i think problem is that this game is coming out before e3 most people just want to review it and get to e3.

and how about not being able to test UGM

i also feel like its a little bit of sony's fault you don't release this big of a game on the same day as your conference.

but if anyone played the demo they know how polished this game looks and how smooth everything feels. and powers feel even more powerful

and unlike other superhero game sequels where in the sequel you start from zero again in infamous 2 you start with your powers and become a unstoppable force by the end

enjoy can't wait to get my hero edition

Kee2754d ago

If 1 was really really bad and 10 is the perfect game, even a 7.5 isn't that bad...

It's obviously not gonna be perfect, but I'm still hoping it's an awesome game.

showtimefolks2754d ago

that i am interested in is a BUY. I look at review scores as someone's opinion more less nothing more. and there is a demo out so we can all test out and i believe whatever small issues are there will be fixed by launch by sucker punch

Baba19062754d ago

same here. i buy games that are avarage above 7, i usually dont get dissapointed. there will allways be different opinions on games and the best one is my one =D.

Max_Dissatisfaction2754d ago

It's called having a difference in opinion

nolifeking2754d ago

Still trying to figure out what a review is huh?

GOODKyle2754d ago

It's the other way around. There was only one 7.5. Almost everything else has been 9's.

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