Terraria does what Minecraft doesn’t

Ask anybody what they think of Terraria and they’ll probably describe it as a 2D Minecraft . The truth is that Terraria and Minecraft both excel in each others weakness. Terraria’s strength is that it’s a deep action/adventure game with weak mining and construction gameplay.

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anasurimbor2722d ago

Sega does what Nintendon't sounds better.

wallis2722d ago

I genuinely prefer Minecraft, I don't know why. But I've bought both and they're both great games in they're own right. I can see why a comparison is inevitable but I'm not sure it's necessary, they're both very different approaches to the same core idea and they wind up playing quite differently.

Lich1202721d ago

I guess its really preference because I couldn't get into minecraft at all but I've been loving playing Terraria.

kesvalk2721d ago

i love both, am i a bipolar person?