Develop 100: How Nintendo reclaimed first place

Develop-online writes: Lightning strikes twice for the untouchable Japanese studio

Nintendo has once again demonstrated the link between critical and commercial success by holding the highest position in this year’s Develop 100.

The company won the very same accolade last year – an extraordinary triumph considering that the framework for calculating the top 100 has completely changed in that period.

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MinusTheBear2598d ago

I don't see it. I haven't touched my Wii in ages and the Last Story is taking too long to get localized. Out of the 3, the Wii has the least amount of worthwhile games. SMG2 is easily one of the most overrated games this gen along with GTA4.

pedrami912598d ago

It's labeled "opinion piece" for a reason.

dubal-e2598d ago

once this is approved the ps and xbox fanboys i'll have a shaking my head contest.