Duke with jaggy-free muscles and boobs

Duke Nukem Forever might not have the latest and greatest graphics engine, but when using Downsampling on GeForce cards and appropriate displays, you might get a super jaggy-free picture of the new Duke. Website PC Games Hardware shows over 100 screenshots from the demo using Downsampling (in this case: 3.840 x 2.160 pixel).

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DirtyLary2751d ago

no ones going to waste their time with this game.

jc485732751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

dang this game looks kinda ugly. Even Alice Madness looks better than this.

Tony P2751d ago

There's something off with the aesthetic, yeah. And for some reason her chest looks lumpy. What's that about?

Hassassin2751d ago

any game which is bad-looking, and thus easy on your gpu, will run smooth if you override AA in the nvidia control panel to 32xAA... for example I recently got Darksiders and I can just eliminate all jaggies at 1080p.

TheIneffableBob2751d ago

I wanna know what's up with this scanline effect in this game. It makes the game look really weird.