EA, Ubisoft to announce new games in 48 hours

TVGB: "Despite both of them rocking quite the impressive E3 product slates already, publishing giant EA and aspiring publishing giant Ubisoft will be making new game announcements next week, the companies have revealed."

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oh god i hope its WE DARE 2 !!! fingers crossed.

captain-obvious2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

i bet they got like 3 AC games on the work right now
they'll milk that game dry

@ below
i dont even own a cod
expect for one game (black ops) which i got it because my fiends want to play with me

and i got like 2 AC games
quality ??
its a good game but they need to make something new or else AC is going to get old FAST

now why dont YOU read what i said
i said they are working on games
not announcing 3 games
wow you are Dumb

Quagmire2628d ago

They arent Milking Assassin;s Creed. If you can be less ignorant enough to actually read the articles, you can tell that the game is of high quality.

Go back to playon cod, troll.

M4I0N32628d ago

nah tbh, i feel that the game engine of AC is getting pretty outdated, hopefully they're working on a new one. But yeah, they do seem to be taking advantage of a yearly AC type of thing.

MostJadedGamer2628d ago

I am actually looking forward more to Ubisoft, and EA's conferences then Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo's conferences.

I would rank the conferences like this.

#1. Ubisoft
#2. EA
#3. Sony
#4. Microsoft
#5. Nintendo(I don't think if I will even bother paying any attention to Nintendo as I have already given up on them. They are totally irrelevent for me, and might as well not even exist.

Raendom2628d ago

Yeah, either We Dare 2 or Dance on Broadway 2!

AstroZombie12628d ago

Ubisoft oh man Please don't suck as much as you did last year.

wohoo2628d ago

All they have to do is announce BG&E2 and they're golden.

captain-obvious2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

yah and then they fuck it up
than they wont be golden

limewax2628d ago

I want my Far Cry 3, Complete with and SDK, AI, and something to do this time. Dunia engine looks fun to mess with

SKUD2628d ago

More Asscreed on the way.

Kon2628d ago

Rainbow Six Raven Shield 2

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The story is too old to be commented.