ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Use MLAA... and other Fumito Ueda Twitter news

A graphics technology person I am not, but whenever I see things about games using acronyms like SSAA or MSAA or ROFLOL, I get super excited. So, I was excited to read at Team ICO leader Fumito Ueda's Twitter that the PS3 conversions of ICO and Shadow of the Colossues use something called "MLAA."

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pain777pas2722d ago

I have a feeling they pushed this back so that they are NGP and PS3 playable games. I hope I am right. I mean Kojima is gonna do it. Come on Sony ICO and Shadow on the go and on the couch.

FAGOL2722d ago

Isn't MLAA standard in most recent PS3 exclusive games?

Bigbangbing2722d ago

GT5 didn't use it, U3 might not, so it's good to see this..

I hope TLG and Journey use it, it's easily the best console AA method

evrfighter12722d ago

"it's easily the best console AA method "

that's a shame. I've messed with it a couple times on my 6970 and in the end I went back to MSAA

well I'm sure this won't be the case next-gen

Arksine2722d ago

If next generation games use deferred renderers, they will have to use either MLAA or SRAA, as MSAA isn't possible.

Also, ATI's implementation of MLAA isn't very good. Clearly if you have the horsepower that the 6970 provides then 16x MSAA is the better method.

rob60212722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

God of War 3 was the first studio.
KillZone 3 used it, had problems with dithering hair.
LBP2 uses it.
Home uses it now.
Infamous 2 doesn't use it.
U3 looks really good I think it it might.

I'm sure it will be pretty standard if the Devs have room on SPU cycles, and 3rd parties have the time/money to implement it.

For 3rd parties
Dragons Age 2 and Portal 2 used it.

house2722d ago

this collection pack and mgs collection and zone of the enders are day one buy for me im sooo looking forward to this e3!!!

miyamoto2721d ago

and since they are re-masters they mightcome at very affordable prices like GOW Collection & Sly Cooper Collection