Brink Review - Plasma Station

Splash Damage wanted to do something different; they created the world of Brink. Brink can stand out but a lot of times it can barely hold on. When you start the game you either choose that you want to escape the ark or save it. Both aren’t very different but you can both sides so it doesn’t really matter. Using the parkour system, it really is fun free running but it limits you to a lot which creates problems in the world of Brink. Brink has a lot of potential to be something great. As you set off on Brink you are living in a floating city called The Ark. The human’s split up into two factions one wanting to save The Ark and the other wanting to escape it. It is an unforgivable story, which is a huge surprise since Bethesda slapped there name on it. When you play through the very short campaign it’s hard to notice if you are actually playing it with the 1 minute cutscenes. It is hard to follow because it doesn’t really make sense at all. At the beginning of each mission you are greeted with the pointless cutscene about them mumbling...

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