Most Hyped Games For E3

With E3 right around the corner there’s no shortage of things to be excited about. No doubt everyone has their eyes and ears ready for the new Nintendo console and more juicy info on Sony’s NGP. Here at Wired Controller we’ve decided to narrow our sights on the top five games we know are going to be there, and the top five games we hope and dream might be shown. This year’s E3 could be the biggest yet, and just know that while these ten are definitely games worth saving our pennies up to buy, there will be PLENTY more that will send nerds off in an uproar over in the next coming weeks.

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Assassin Nawabi2754d ago

some very exciting games there but none more than uncharted 3 =)

EYEamNUMBER12754d ago

modern warfare 3
battlefield 3
mass effect 3
uncharted 3

wow... really? i never noticed that until now

gameguru2754d ago

lol yeah noticed that as well, also half life 3 =p

user8586212754d ago

Resistance 3
Gears of war 3

AEtherbane2753d ago

I thought Valve announced they would have no games at e3? So unfortunately, that means no half life 3 announcement.

GameGambits2753d ago

Developers lie all the time before E3. It's not like Valve is just going to tell people they'll be there if they do have HL3 and there'll be a console exclusive version or something... because money pays to keep lips sealed.

The year of 3's though. Need more new Ips. :(

Butt0n_m4sher2754d ago


warrior99882754d ago

when i saw the pic of morgan freeman i was like OMGAWD half life

Persistantthug2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

And where is there a picture of Morgan Freeman anywhere around these parts?

Benson frowns upon your utter disrespect.


Persistantthug2753d ago

For the record, Half Life's main character isn't MORGAN Freeman....

it's GORDON Freeman.

You're bad, but no problem.

Kon2754d ago

Valve won't be at E3, the writer could've done a bit of research first

t0mmyb0y2753d ago

Maybe they will surprise us like last year *fingers crossed, crossed....crossed*

GameGambits2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Just like how CD Projket Red said their big announcement wasn't going to be console version of Witcher 2 yet, it was just that.

You'd be foolish to trust what PR people tell you before E3 happens. If Valve told us they'd be at E3, then every other article on here would be OMGWTFBBQ it's gonna be HL3. Plus, odds are whoever paid them the money for a console exclusive of it, is paying them to stfu before E3 and lie.

Again, all speculation, but developers will outright lie to you when it comes to their announcements.

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