What We Want From LucasArts

In a recent interview with MCV, LucasArts boss Paul Meegan admitted that his company hasn’t been living up to its true potential. These are the top 5 ways LucasArts can redeem themselves.

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Merivigian2669d ago

I would love to see a new KOTOR, not that shit MMO.

smilydude132669d ago

Agreed. We'll never see it, though. If TOR succeeds they will just keep making expansions for it. And if it flops they will consider it too risky. And even if it did get made TOR seems to be screwing with canon by saying the Revan was really evil the entire time and just a pawn of the sith emperor (COMPLETELY NULLIFYING what Kreia hinted at in KOTOR 2) and it looks like they're even going to bring him back as a raid boss in the game. Uggh.

Lose lose situation here.

Wenis2669d ago

First I want Battlefront 3, then Battlefront 4, then Battlefront 5. I think thats about how many Battlefronts that LucasArts owes us during these past 6 years since Battlefront 2.

Merivigian2668d ago

Yea, plus I really don't see the reason for releasing TOR when great MMOs like Guild Wars 2 is just around the corner. I don't see TOR lasting long.

RankFTW2669d ago

New Grim Fandango please :D.

metsgaming2669d ago

I want battlefront 3, new rouge squadron and then a new pod racing game after that a move game it was made to be a lightsaber !

AEtherbane2669d ago

They should buy the right to battlefront and make a a third installment.
Like seriously, do it.

thats_just_prime2669d ago

I want

Jedi Knights 3
X wing vs Tie Fight 2
Knight of the old Republic 3 (not just TOR the mmo)
Battlefront 3
And new Ip set in the New republic

ChrisW2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

I would love to see them take over LucasFilms since they can make better stories for their StarWars games than George Lucas can for his movies.

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tunaks12669d ago

battlefront 3 and a dam Wm+ lightsaber game.

NukaCola2669d ago

Jedi Knight IV
Battlefont III
Rogue Squadron 3
Republic Commando 2

Slade232669d ago

good one. Jedi Knight IV


all i need is ''Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis''

MagicAccent2669d ago

I want a new TIE FIGHTER damnit!
It's been almost two decades already! Come on!

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The story is too old to be commented.