NeverDead E3 demo walkthrough

Watch 8 minutes of the NeverDead E3 demo

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NYC_Gamer2667d ago

this game looks real bad and cheap

Active Reload2666d ago

Is that video a joke? My side is hurting from all the laughing. I like unique experiencea but I think I'd probably try to slit my own throat with a plastic spoon 5 minutes into this game, lol. I seriously don't know what to make of what I just witnessed...

christheredhead2667d ago

this game looks real good and expensive

Venox20082667d ago

lookin' great.. btw: nice art style on demons + great soundtrack if I am not mistaken [=made by MEGADETH?!?!?=] :)

reznik_zerosum2666d ago

but shooting looks terrible,i want some melee weapons

El_Colombiano2667d ago

Problem here is that there is no art direction at all.

DA_SHREDDER2667d ago

No art direction? I don't even see a point to this game? I hate being so negative, but thats the vibe i get when i see games like this.

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The story is too old to be commented.