Metal Gear Solid HD Collection & Zone of the Enders US Box Arts, PSN/XBLA Release Confirmed

Konami has opened their official Kojima Productions website, which is hosting a hub for Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Zone of the Enders HD Collection, and on the site they share new information on the titles as well as the official box arts that differ from the offerings in Japan.

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Oldman1002698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

720p?! Mgs2 ran at 60fps on the ps2 did it not? Why cant they get a ps2 game to render native 1080p on the ps3?

jukins2698d ago

time and money most likely

Soldierone2698d ago

Because this was probably a Konami decision and not a Kojima decision. Similar to Activision, money comes before quality.

Eamon2698d ago

well Kojima is VP of Konami. He's okay with it and has been in their recent marketing campaign.

720p is fine. Of course 1080p would be better but 720p is still great.

NarooN2698d ago

It's not like it even matters. I doubt any game in the various collections would be 1080p. Considering that 720p still looks good when it gets upscaled to 1080p on most modern HDTV's anyway, no one's really losing out on this.

The biggest plus is that MGS3 will be at 60fps at all times now, unlike the choppy 20fps it sat at for most of the game.

Ocelot5252698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

well Gow Collection was 960*1080(unlike stated on the box) and not 720p

(720p = 1280 * 720 px = 921600 px < 960*1080 = 1036800)

Graphics2698d ago

Just play them on pc using a ps2 emulator... These ps2 remakes for ps3 are a disgrace, never trying them again after buying GoW collection.

Ocelot5252698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

it requires a pretty decent PC and most games still run like ass (+ distorted or missing sounds and lots of glitches)

also this collection introduces widescreen FOV(not that cropping shit of the emulator)

Gow collection also introduced many upgraded textures, maybe this also will be done with mgs. You can't get this with an emulator

and let's not forget the trophies.

Emulating works great with the simple 32bit RISC hardware of the PS1 CPU but doesn't work well with the alien PS2 technology. PC's and PS2 are just too different... There will always be problems and imperfections with emulating it...

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Lavalamp2698d ago

I'm a little confizzled by the website shizzle. The Japanese site says that the PS3 version comes with a code to get the first MGS off the Playstation Store, but the English site doesn't have that listed. It'd be a shame if that ends up being a region exclusive dealio.

R_A_LEE202698d ago

I just hope they don't remove the co-op multiplayer from
Peace Walker. I've been eager to try it out ever since i heard about it.

NarooN2698d ago

All the mp features of Peace Walker have been left 100% intact for the PS3 release.

wolokowoh2698d ago

Yeah MP is so well integrated into that game, it'd probably be harder to take out then to leave in.

sickbird2698d ago

definetly going to pick up both collections. Have Peace Walker on PSP but i cant stand the controls. Never played Zone of the Enders but seeing how obsessed people re with it has me interested.

wolokowoh2698d ago

Which control system were/are you using? The MGS4 one without the auto aim on is my preference. Once you get adjust to it the face buttons are as efficient as an analog stick. Also ZoE was pretty good but while I'd like to see another ZoE, I'm not just dying for one.

zeal0us2698d ago

if it does come out on the 360, think I would rather have an hard copy than dl-copy