Why I Have Such A Good Feeling About E3 2011

Slashgear: This year, as with previous years, rumors continue to crop up about what will and will not be announced at the event. And most gamers that enjoy playing titles on consoles, portables, and PCs, will be watching closely to see if those rumors come true.

Like those folks, I will paying quite a bit of attention to what happens at E3. I’m especially excited to hear more details on Sony’s upcoming portable, the NGP. I also want to hear about Nintendo’s next console. Combine that with more details on Mass Effect 3 and all the games that we don’t even know about yet, and it’s safe to say I’m quite excited about what might come out of the show.

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HebrewHammer2753d ago

I have a good feeling about most of this years E3 as well... With the exception of Micro$oft's press conference, that is. Kinectimals 2! WooT! Not...

andrewsqual2753d ago

Because Keith Apicary is going to be there.